The lease hath been SIGNED. Let the countdown BEGIN!

The lease has been signed. THE LEASE HAS BEEN SIGNED! (warning, lots of capitals for effect coming up…)

Oh boy...
Oh boy… what have I done?
words and words and words and words...
words and words and words and words..

I am officially kicking myself and m’dogs out of my own home on April 30th, 2015! That’s a grand total of 10 days from today. I’m not driving off into the sunset in the RV that day. Instead, I am going to live in my DRIVEWAY in the RV for a short time, 1-2 weeks, THEN I will take a hike, much to my renter’s relief (and to the provisions in the lease). My lease was the MOST complex one she has ever signed by the way. I am paranoid and protective so that’s how it had to be. She really wanted the place and we made some provisions that worked for the both of us to get her in and me out by next Thursday.

I like her and I believe she will take good care of my little nest. (Well, her nest now) The fact that her relatives are some of my best friends (shout out Marcia and Drew!) doesn’t hurt! Without Drew and Marcia, I don’t think I would be at this point yet, it would have taken MUCH longer and been 2x as expensive. I really love you guys!

So, the journey is OFFICIALLY going to show it’s pretty head, as of today. No ‘backsies’! Now I will be posting away now about the upcoming anticipated stressful ending of one story blending into the race to the start of a new chapter.

The last steps I have to take? The last purge of all my stuff (garage sale) is this weekend. I have to finish up the plumbing issues in the master bathroom, paint a little trim, replace some skirting in the back, and mow and really trim back ALL of the hedges. Photos of pending ‘trimmage’ below:

Looooots of plants, all planted my yours truly. Lots of work but it's also fulfilling to my soul to work in the yard.
Looooots of plants, all planted my yours truly. Lots of work but it’s also fulfilling to my soul to work in the yard. I already thinned out the canopy of the Crepe Myrtle.
Front yard, a LOT to trim. But Spring is the best! Renters, watch out for ants...
Front yard, a LOT to trim. I created a sanctuary on purpose, made from plants instead of a fence.  Spring is the best! Check out the Japanese Maple. Renters, watch out for ants… Perennial garden to the right is coming up and coming along.

Two of my best friends are coming this weekend to help with the garage sale. I love you guys too, Karen and Jennifer! We’re going to have a girls weekend of sorts! (a working girls weekend) I really really appreciate your help and mental support, which is ALWAYS welcome for this chic!

Oh, I also need to get everything into the RV that I am taking, but most of it has already been moved. The camper top for the truck should be here in a week or so. My generator was just ordered Saturday, the Yamaha 2000is. (Ok, you Yamaha v/s Honda debaters, I opted for the Yamaha for the button that clears out the gas from the system. I KNOW it will save me when I don’t use it for any period of time)

Here’s a great page that gives you more in-depth details on what to look for in a portable generator:

Ye old quiet as they come Yamaha 2000is generator to keep battery topped off.
Ye old quiet as they come Yamaha 2000is generator to keep the RV battery topped off.

So, heeeere goes nothing! (Here goes everything) (Holy whaaaaaaaat am I doing?!!!)  Oh well, can’t question it now. It’s a must-do, and thankfully, I want to do it.

 : )  Hugs, y’all!

8 thoughts on “The lease hath been SIGNED. Let the countdown BEGIN!

  1. Beautiful yard Kelly…. looks like a love of passion 🙂
    But just think…. your next backyard view, might be of a northern lake, with loons singing through out the night, as the northern lights dancing overhead.
    Or maybe your backyard view, might be of a mountain lake, with the refection of the mountains in the lake 🙂
    Or maybe……… Your new back yard views are going to be endless…. 🙂


  2. Kelly
    I floated the Colorado River
    in the Canyon in a big
    raft for 7 days. with a group .The rapids
    will blow you away.
    Please put in ur Bucket
    List .


    1. Oh, The Grand Canyon was first on my list after going to Austin to see some friends. I am in awe of that place and cannot wait. Thank you for sharing your experience. And thank you for reading. I’m a little scared to do the rapids to be honest! But I’ll do it. Why not? : )


  3. This is exciting to read! We just got our listing from our leasing agent to rent out our home tonight. They’ll start looking for renters and we’ll hopefully start showings right away!

    We have our first reservation at Disney’s Fort Wilderness campground in June 21. We leave here on the 19th.

    Hope all goes well for you!


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