7 Truly Weird Things You MUST Know About Sedona’s Lesser Explored ‘Suburbs’.

What? You think you already know what I am about to tell you? NO way. However, this is your lucky day… you have stumbled upon someone in the know.


Yeah, sure, Sedona is very pretty blah blah blah. But that’s not why you should see it. Here’s what you REALLY need to know.

(You’re welcome in advance.)

1. You CANNOT wear white here. 

Take note. I am NOT the most careful person when it comes to… well, anything to be honest. So here’s what happened when I wore white one day and drove to Jerome. No, it’s not Sedona but I’ll call it Sedona’s suburbs.

It’s not like I was horseback riding. I wasn’t rolling around in the dirt. When I put them on, they were white. By the time I was at dinner, they were white and brown camouflage. I was just… being a tourist, sightseeing then having dinner. Sedona and its surrounding areas are HELLACIOUSLY dusty. Need proof?  Look:


Beginning of day. Nice and white. Strange outfit.  Funny sign, no?



Stop laughing. It’s real. But, are you kidding me?? Ok, the one on the left is ketchup.                (NOT a careful person)


2. See a real cattle round-up! Complete with cowboys! And horses! AT 6AM!

One morning I was awakened by frantic moo-ing so I looked outside. It was a real cattle round up passing right beside my camp!  You won’t see this ‘in’ Sedona. (Or in a campground, I doubt.) This was not your tourist vacation roundup either. Real cowboys. Real cows. Real horses. Real mission.

I filmed it for you :


How cool was THAT??!!!

3. Entertainment comes from beetles.  

(Fast fact- as seen in my featured image at the top, the beetles here have little beetle orgies!) Anyway, the video is fun to watch if you like dogs. And maybe beetles…




4.  People even look like Kokopelli!

(Hike this place, Devils Arch, if you go.)

Well, we all tried, but only nomadic friend Maria succeeded in doing the Kokopelli. (On the right. If you don’t know what Kokopelli looks like, that’s exactly it. )


5.  Ghosts reside nearby on a steep hillside.

The town of Jerome is not too far from Sedona and it’s an old mining town built RIGHT ON THE SIDE OF A HILL. (Smart) Some of the buildings are literally sliding off their original spots, such as the little old jail. Not sure how they managed to do this but here it is. Unique in its own right, complete with stories of ghosts and ghost tours. Ghosts? Not my thing, but ok. Here is the sliding jail which has already moved 200 feet from its original spot!!


And three more terrible photos trying to depict Jerome:

See? Ghosts.
Stairs everywhere. That’s a ghost wearing the glasses. 
Crazy ghost store?

Sorry ’bout that…


6.  Bears live in the bushes. Be careful.

This dude was holed up in a bush at a fellow nomads campsite. She thought he was creepy. So I took him off of her hands. Now, he’s my campsite mascot. Meet ‘Beary’. (Whatever)

I’m sure Beary is responsible for that spooky cloud behind him…



7.  Drug dealing roadrunners loiter in nearby parking lots. It’s a growing issue. These birds are fearless and dangerous. (The cops are on it.)




8.  -Yes, I can count. Stop complaining, This is a bonus:

The Sedona McDonald’s arches… are TEAL!!!

Yep, your second fun fact in this story- they are the ONLY differently colored McDonald’s arches in the world. I didn’t know that. Now you know. Use it or lose it.

You’re welcome.


Photo courtesy of Viralscape.com

They had to conform to the city’s building codes. Powerful city!

Must be the magical Sedona vortex rocks.


‘That’s all folks’… MEEP MEEP!

8 thoughts on “7 Truly Weird Things You MUST Know About Sedona’s Lesser Explored ‘Suburbs’.

  1. Love Jerome area. A cattle drive used to go through the Thousand Trails CG, between hwy 17 & cottonwood. Not sure if it still does. Love AZ 🙂


    1. Oh that’s so cool! They can’t get them all at once of course so I saw three subsequent cattle drives! Neat-o. Yes, Az is awesome. Thanks for reading!


  2. Hah … Glad you found Jerome. Renee and I stayed at The Jerome Grand after visiting my Mom and Dad … definitely heard the ghosts. Not doubt. For real. Wish I could attach a photo for you to see …

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  3. That’s the place … home of the Asylum Restaurant appropriately named since the hotel used to be, well, an asylum. Just up the street from The Bordello of Jerome restaurant appropriately named since … well you get the idea !

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    1. Ha ha! Yeah, the town is super small but they kept up the bordello theme a little as I was surprised they had a sex shop…For such a small town!


  4. I found this report particularly enjoyable – I do believe you have passed your initiation into what it actually takes to become an RV Chickadee!  Whatever possessed you to wear white in hiking/dusty environ; not only that but to disclose that it wasn’t just the outdoors that is a challenge – even at a restaurant you personally contributed with the ketchup – huge LOL there!  Your descriptions of Jerome particularly pithy, especially with the pix making it all the more real (especially the kokopelli – nailed it!).  And it’s always good to see how much the girls are enjoying it – they look so healthy and fascinated by their travels.  And the videos were awesome – I can now say I’ve seen a cattle drive AND my favorite, a real roadrunner – I was a little let down that it wasn’t as tall as an ostrich.  The bonus was a winner also … hope it comes up in Trivial Pursuit soon.  Great job and glad to hear you so happy! LVYA, Rosemary

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    1. Lol! You are awesome Rosemary!! I’m so happy you are enjoying following my crazy stories… And yes, I will self-deprecate on any day especially if it makes others happy. So, here’s to the blue McDonald’s logo coming up in trivia very soon! Keep on living it up at your new house! Love, Kelly. : )


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