Sunset View Campground! Las Vegas! Coyote Pass Trailhead! Navajo National Monument! And The Winner Is?…

Hi again! Yeah, you could say I have been trying to sneak some fun while working my ass off. I’ll skip the boring work crap and get right into the fun and trouble bits, as usual. 😏

After leaving American Girl Mine back around the 23rd of February, we headed North. I had a date in Las Vegas. (A reunion with my Atlanta roommates.) We went to see Bon Jovi, yay!

IMG_1410 2

It was a blast, of course. Those are my GIRLS! No, I didn’t take my rig. Instead, I parked the Slingshot at Coyote Pass Trailhead in Kingman, Az. I dragged Marshall there and forced him to watch my rig. 😂

My friend Viki of Small RV Lifestyle also joined us at Coyote Pass Trailhead as did Marshall’s sister Stacia and brother in law, Dean. It was a VERY small spot right off a highway so it wasn’t our usual scenic open space/secluded area but it did the job.

It was a VERY small spot right off a highway so it wasn’t our usual scenic open space/secluded area but it did the job.

Extreme ‘Meh’ boondocking spot. This was our little group of 4 rigs.
Viki!!! We MAY have had a drink. You decide.

Surprisingly, just behind the high rocks at the site was an AMAZING view with tons of trails! Coyote Pass made me want to mountain bike. This gem made this boondocking spot worth it. Check it…

See all the cows? Moo. Can you believe this is around the corner from that crappy looking camping site??
Can this really be real? Or was it made by a Disney artist?? I mean, the cow…

Kingman Cow

Found some rocks to climb. Trix did very well!

After I returned from Vegas, we said goodbye to Viki and moved on with Stacia and Dean to Navajo National Monument in NE Arizona.

Navajo NM map
Where Navajo National Monument is in relation to the Four Corners area. In case you don’t know, starting at 1:00- Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah.

We parked at Sunset View campground. (Free!) Guess what? SNOW! You know I was elated.

Check it…

My spot at Sunset View Campground in Navajo National Monument
Which is her better side?

Sunset View Campground is an actual campground, but it’s totally FREE! We were the only people there at first so we were happy. They don’t have many spaces and the ones they do are tight- you’re not supposed to have a rig over 28′. It had bathrooms with water but of course, no hook-ups or dump. It was a pretty little loop.

The monument has another campground besides Sunset View: Canyon View Campground, but it was closed for the winter.

Later we did have neighbors and one of them was easily a 26′ motorhome. Unsure if this restriction is being enforced at Sunset View, but you would surely risk coming in and not fitting into a spot, were it more full. The motorhome got a site that paralleled the road. There’s only about 2 or 3 of that type of spot. The back-in sites would not have fit the motorhome. Here’s more of the campground.

See the photo with the tire tracks? Mmmmm-hmm. I saw them pull in. It smelled like a mid-day hookup involving a UPS driver and someone in another car. 🤣 Alrighty then.

During our three days at Navajo National Monument, we went to see the ancestral Puebloan ruins there. They were really far from where we viewed, but it was still pretty cool to see. It’s a very short hike with a little bit of elevation.

IMG_1411 2
Nice of them to plow the trail.
People used to live down there in that cave. So weird. Life before ‘us’.


Dean, Stacia, Marshall at Navajo NM
EZ hike. Freezing Gizmo.


Another fake-Disney created scene. Has to be.
Here you can actually sort of make out the structures

One night we had dinner at Stacia and Dean’s RV. (Well, they fed us pretty much every night.) But this one night, I stole their dog. Literally stuffed her in my jacket and walked out right in front of them. Here I am with her in my rig after dinner. Took them a while to notice. 😆I love this little girl.


One evening I explored around in the snow. Good lord, it was quiet. Here’s a nice little moment away…

Then, I noticed some mystery tracks and decided to follow them.

Who knew I was a champion ice bowler?


Ok, I need to get back to work. But I’ll leave you with The Girls showing you how they ask to be let out of the truck after arriving at a destination. Our next destination? Valley of the Gods, Utah!

Can we get out now?
Can we get out now???

Here’s a sneak peek of Valley of the Gods:

Gizmo be like, “Mom, you’re embarrassing me”.

Oh yeah, and I would say Sunset View Campground was the winner for the snow. Vegas won for the friends and concert. Coyote Pass Trailhead won for the views/trails.   : )


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  1. That hour of the day when the angle of the sun makes everything more beautiful…so much so that even watching ice slipping over snow is entrancing… #magical

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  2. You sure do find some remote areas to set up camp! And your girls! I am getting a cuteness overload!
    Hugs from Karen

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