Who Else Is Dying For A Complete Online Guide To All Things RVing? Guess What…

I mentioned in my last post that Marshall, my business and RV caravan partner and I were working on a new project and were about to announce it. (To get to the RVer goody-website part of this story, skip to the very last paragraph. Otherwise, read on for how this all got started.)


Nomads hard at work on a secret new website! (secret until now)


Indeed, we were working for a long time (about 9 months) on our website, BestDamnReviews.com (BDR). Things were going OK until around February of this year. In February, we reached a good level of burnout and also frustration over its lack of performance.


Last February’s ’emoticon’.


We had chosen an EXTREMELY competitive market to tackle. In addition, it was a pretty boring subject for us to work on, as hard as we tried to spice it up. (Business service reviews- how is that ever fun?)

We didn’t really feel very connected to it or PASSIONATE about it. Not having any passion really makes it hard to be into what you are working on. After a while, we were mostly in it to make money.

Rigs at American Girl Mine Rd
Where the frustration/changeover miracle happened. Boondocking (as always) at American Girl Mine Rd in Yuma. 

One day at American Girl Mine Rd in Yuma we had a meeting. It turned out that Marshall wasn’t sure what we should do next to get the website ranking better.  It was sort of an ‘oh shit. What do we do now?’ moment for me. A few days later, he told me he had some ideas he was going to soon run by me after he did a little more research. (Relief. Or so I thought.)

I figured it was about what to do next with BDR since we had sort of hit a wall. A couple of days later, he approached me with his idea. Here’s how it went in a condensed version:

Marshall: “What if we start a totally new website with a totally new subject?”

Me: (After working on Best Damn Reviews for the last 9 months…) “Whaaaaaaat?”

Marshall: ” I have done the keyword research, and there is like no competition for X. This is right up our alley, we know a lot of people in the industry, and we have experience from making BDR.”

Me: Pause. Very long pause. Days of pause. Denial. Realizations that M didn’t know what to do next with BDR. Disbelief. 9 months of hard work and you want to just start over? #crap

There was that pretty big gap of days in between Marshall coming to me with the idea and me saying ‘OK’.  I didn’t want to start over. It was too hard. Here’s the disbelief (left) and frustration (right) I felt at first:










After the idea sunk in, I knew it was the right way to go. We had a passion for this idea! Screw the past! We’re moving forward…

Me to a relieved Marshall days later: (Excited now) “Ok. Let’s go for it!”

So we started on it. BDR still existed, we just weren’t actively working on it. Sure, we make a little on BDR, but not enough to even cover monthly website expenses.

Nomads still hard at work, only, on a NEW WAY BETTER project.

We have been working hard at the new site, energetically, for the last 3+ months.

This new website was actually our original idea for making a website. For a bunch of (boring) reasons, (ask Marshall) we went the BDR route instead.

This feels right and we know it’s damn good. It’s going to be amazing once we have more content, which we are working on daily. What we have made is pure gold if you ask us, as well as those who already know about it. Let me introduce to you to the best ‘all things RVing’ website around:

Camp Addict Logo


Our mission? To give you one single go-to site for all things RVing. It offers complete how-to guides as well as reviews of gear you may be needing for your rig. Soon we will have all the categories covered and it will be by far the most comprehensive RVing guide as you can find anywhere. After that, we will then move into camping gear as well.

We are much happier and feel like this is what we should be doing. We are living the life, we have great RVing connections, and we had the skillset to make it happen. This website is for you, RVers and campers!

That’s it! Check it out, and…

Camp on, Addicts!



12 thoughts on “Who Else Is Dying For A Complete Online Guide To All Things RVing? Guess What…

  1. What a fantastic idea! We’ve been longing for something like this ever since we decided to go full time. We’ve gotten so tired of hunting and surfing all over the place looking for info. Will definitely keep checking back as more content is added. Great job!

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    1. So wonderful to hear! We definitely saw the need in the market and intend to fully bring the site to the most comprehensive site out there so you don’t have to endlessly search. Thank you for reading and commenting. : )


    1. Thank you, Placestheygo! Yes, there are only two of us so it takes time, but we will constantly be updating the site with more of the same quality content you see on it now.


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