Moab- Devils Garden Trail Hike+Photo Journal

Enough is enough. Sometimes you have enough of working and need to get out and play in the beautiful scenery surrounding you.

That’s when Marshall, Becky, and I decided to hike Devil’s Garden Trail early in the morning to beat the crowds.

Moab Dirt Road
On our way to Arches National Park, driving out via Dalton Well Road.

We had a few roadblocks on the way.

cows on the road
Run, baby, run!

We were the very first ones there. Goal accomplished. No boring empty parking lot photo, sorry. πŸ˜†

Here’s the trail loop. Yeah, I know, not totally thrilling. But, you may be interested if you’re looking to go.

Devils Garden Trail Moab
We walked the whole trail, taking the clockwise route.
Devils garden formation
Rocking colors
Bunny on devils garden
See our trail greeter? This is the head of Devils Garden Trail.
Hole in the rock/arch
Sky through rock
Sky in devils garden
Great cloudage on this day. Great day for a hike!

The trail started off very level and mild but with gorgeous views left and right. The first BIG arch you will come to is Landscape Arch. Here you see the three stooges’ shadows on the trail.

three stooges shadows
Shadows on the trail


Walking towards landscape arch
Can you see Landscape Arch?
Pretty cool story behind Landscape Arch!


Landscape arch and me
Proof I was there! LandscapeΒ Arch behind me.

The trail gets interesting after Landscape Arch. Almost immediately you start to climb ‘bread loaf’ rock. It’s fairly steep and the sides drop significantly. Yes, there’s a warning sign for people not to go if they have a fear of heights. I’m thinking that about only 40% of people who hike this go past that point.

FullSizeRender 13
Top of the climb, Becks and I can’t help but get weird and have a little fun.Β 


From there we went in and out of little side trails to other arches along the trail. Early hikers had started to catch up with us here and there. #slow

Black Arch?
They were taking photos of I THINK an arch called Black Arch or something unflattering like that. I didn’t care to, but the view to the left of it was pretty, well, pretty. So I got them taking a photo of the arch.
Neat-o arch.
Cool tree. Neat-o arch. Not really. Just a cool tree in front of an arch in Arches NP.
Bread loaves
‘Bread loaves’ That’s what I call them.
Marshall difficult trail
Should he try it???
Kelly and arch
Very cool formation. Nice rock, too. ; )
Marshall dangerous crossing
This is the kind of stuff you have to climb if you do the whole loop.
Circle in the sand
How does this perfect natural circle happen?
Pushing Becky
Then, I jokingly acted like I was pushing Becky off the cliff. I kind of almost did in doing so. 😬
Me and Becky on rock
So I went back and tried to help her out.
becky off the cliff
Then I followed through. LOL! (Drops Mic)
Cool little pool
Cool little pool, shaped like a heart from this angle.
Marshall feeling very inadequate.

Dino footprints and bones next time, folks. I was in Moab for quite a while! About two months so I cannot fit it all into one, two or even three stories.

Therefore, this is it for now. Thanks for following on the journey!

20 thoughts on “Moab- Devils Garden Trail Hike+Photo Journal

  1. I think most men feel the same as Marshall when hiking in many places in Arches…also referred to as “Phallus Park!” Devil’s Garden is one of our favorites, but you need to beat the sun to have any peace. You did a great job getting there predawn!

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  2. So amazing! I definitely need to hike there. What’s the weather like? I see you’re all in long sleeves, or is that just sun protection?


    1. Hey Julie! Mine was sun protection. It was warm during the day but cool enough when we got there to have a jacket. Didn’t take me long to take mine off, but then when we would hit shady areas I would want it back on again! It was about the second week of May, when we did the hike. I always wear my UV sleeves on a hike when I don’t have to be wearing long sleeves. It’s the deepest hike in the park that you can get to from the paved road. Definitely go! Thanks for commenting and for reading. : )


  3. LOVED every bit of it, but felt sorry for your male companion LOL. Does he know what you said about him – if I know you, he does LOL!

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    1. Hell of course he does. And if he didn’t feel inadequate, I’d feel bad for him because ain’t NO WAY he would ever be getting any!!!πŸ˜‚


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