Oops- Scratch That. The Big Non-Reveal.

The Big Non-Reveal

Well, guys, It looks like I owe you an apology. As it turns out, I’m not allowed to post any details about what I talked about in my last blog. It’s out of my hands. I thought I would be able to tell you WHERE on my body I am having what I am having, and some more detail, but it turns out I cannot.

I sincerely apologize for telling you about it and that I would tell you more about it. I NEVER meant to ‘tease’.

So that’s all I can say about it for now.

When CAN I tell you? I don’t have a date for that yet, either.

I know. Very annoying. It is for me, as well. But, that’s the way it is.

One day, likely within a year from now, I will finally be able to write about it and you will understand why.

In the meantime, ‘something’ is happening tomorrow. I leave for LA today (Tuesday). Excited!

Non-RV Life😥

It is super unsettling to live out of bags and suitcases, which I am doing. I don’t have ‘my’ space here. (Rig is being stored, I’m not in it) I have space, but it’s not mine. And funny enough, my bedroom is probably almost 3x the size of my rig. 😆


Slingshot stored
Putting her back up for another month or so.


It’s really a wonderful and convenient thing to have everything you own with you at all times. It can spoil you, and I AM SPOILED.

Starting tomorrow I will be in a hotel for three weeks. Not my idea of fun, at all. Especially having to take the dogs down the elevator and outside around the block to find grass EVERY time they have to go potty. Major PITA. But it will be worth it!

Say Bye-Bye

Meanwhiles, some planning for down the road has happened. I am SELLING MY HOUSE! It’s time.


Edgewood backyard
Bye-bye backyard I started from scratch and tended for over ten years. I planted everything you see except for the pine trees. Also, created every bed. Used to be nothing but grass.


It’s in Florida. I’m out West. It doesn’t work so well, having to come back to manage it and pick up pieces that the renters do not. Therefore, I am hiring an agent, and will hopefully just have everything done there that needs to get done by hiring help, list it, and boom.

I want out. I never planned to move back there anyway. The house is losing its luster, not having me there taking care of it. Little by little, I am seeing the decay. Time to sell before it starts losing value. Today, the yard looks NOTHING like the photo above. 😔

I’m not sad. It’s just one more thing to get rid of in the ‘stuff’ category. And I keep downsizing. This will be a true load off my shoulders. And the bank has gotten more than enough interest money from this Chickadee.

Ok, time for bed. I have some driving to do tomorrow. Peace out!

23 thoughts on “Oops- Scratch That. The Big Non-Reveal.

    1. Thank you- I’m sure it will all go great, and it’s by contract I can’t say anything. Soon enough you guys will definitely be getting the ENTIRE story.


  1. Bionics! That HAS to be it! So… will you run fast? hear whispers from 8 miles away? read minds? See peoples underwear??? Whatever it is, good luck and post again soon to say you are still around to pull Marshall out when LJ fails him. 😉

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    1. Thanks- even if it was bionics, I Cannot admit or deny, lol. I’d love to read minds but I also think it would destroy me. I sure as hell don’t want anyone knowing what I think about! 😬 Marshall is on his own! Unlike him, I am not in hiding. Just hiding a partial and temporary secret. 😁

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  2. As I said before good luck and you sure know how to keep us in suspense. I have read your blog for quite some time but today is time I have commented. I am concerned it may be some evil government experiment. Who should we notify if we never hear from you again?
    And good luck with the sale of your house. The yard looks beautiful.
    Think I found your blog through a link on Interstellar Orchard

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    1. Becky! I love my Becky. Well thanks for following and thanks for commenting. Sorry I can’t fill you guys in more. If the blog suddenly stops, you know something conspiracy like has happened. I did a ton of work on that yard. It was fun, but more than ready to move on. Poor yard looks pretty sad today. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks again, some sort of an update coming soon!😂


  3. WOW!  Lots to digest in THAT blog.  Very anxious to hear what all this mysterious surgery stuff is about and MORE than wish you a safe and happy result.    Please stay well and hope you get to enjoy the holidays/

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