Upcoming Presentations And Guest Appearances. Also, LA -I Dig It.

Hey guys- it’s your favorite recently outed ‘fake-a-surprise’er’ here. Look, I still exist. Here’s proof, without giving anything away:


It's me, I promise!
Mom has a surprise coming, too. ; ) One that she can definitely talk about. (I say that… but how do you believe me?)

Really, it’s me! I promise. I know-  what’s with the hair? Well, when you have access to endless power and a curling iron…

I’ll even give you another shot of me, to prove I still exist:


No giveaways.
No, I didn’t get a butt life. But thank you. 

I just wanted to keep you in-the-know about my upcoming ‘appearances’. What’s in it for you? You will be able to ask me questions (LIVE, if you want) about my RV life, travels, Camp Addict, or whatever the heck you might be curious to know!

The Big Events:

Wednesday, December 20th: The RV Show USA

I’ll be on The RV Show USA, LIVE on Facebook. (It will re-air this weekend on their syndicated radio stations.) You can interact in a couple of ways. You can call into the show and ask me a question LIVE, or you can go to my Facebook page RvChickadee OR Camp Addict’s Facebook page, OR The RV Show USA’s page and ask a question in the comments section of the post that talks about me being on the show this Wednesday.

You must have a Facebook account, and you definitely should go ‘like’ The RV Show USA and listen in. You can be on the show as well. Simply call 855-296-7469 any time from 7:10-7:40 PM central time to ask any question. It can be about a product you have or are interested in, it can be a general question for me, whatever you have been curious about. If you aren’t sure how to listen on Wednesday, leave a comment here and I will do my best to help.

Saturday, January 13th: Quartzsite Az RV Convergence

I and my business partner, Marshall, will be doing a presentation representing Camp Addict. We will be doing a Boondocking 101 for basic and intermediate boondockers. Find out how we boondock exclusively and comfortably.  This will take place in Quartzsite, Az at the Xscapers gathering. Yes, you should be an Xscaper to attend this, or an Escapee’s member. Either/or!

You can check out the event and get more informaiton HERE.

What Have I Been Doing In LA?

Exciting stuff while I am still in a hotel here in Beverly Hills. I feel like the Beverly Hillbillies!

However, I am truly enjoying my time in this city. Much as I have probably bashed it with its overcrowding, traffic, and other easy-to-bash subjects, it’s really been a ton of fun. There is simply SO much to do and see.

I’ll be here till about Dec. 27th or so. Things are going VERY well with my mystery thing that I cannot speak of. 😂 ðŸ™„ Had a great unveiling of ‘it’ a few days ago. VERY happy! Things are good.

What have I been doing when I am not working?

So far, I have seen ‘A Night With Carol Burnett’. I grew up with this woman in my living room, couldn’t wait for the show to come on! This was pretty cool.

Carol Burnett poster

Loooooook, it’s actually Carol Burnett saying bye bye…

I’ve done some guilty pleasure celebrity watching and have seen Lisa Vanderpump (My guilty pleasures, Vanderpump Rules and RHOBH), her daughter, Pandora, Lance Bass from NSync (right?), and one more I don’t know the name of.


The girl to the left? Sat there our entire meal. Just sat and ate. Not on her phone, not waiting for anyone. I THINK she was sitting pretty trying to be ‘noticed’. Could be wrong, but… this was right off Rodeo Dr, sooooo.


Lance Bass
It’s Lance Bass, y’all. I’m too chicken shit to ask for a photo with a celebrity. I just don’t want to bother them!

…I went on a silly Star Tour bus, watched AMAZING Acro Yoga in Santa Monica, (might DO some Acro Yoga while I am here)


…hung out with my sister, and mom of course,

The Fam

…saw a movie (Haven’t done that in months to possibly a year), wandered around Venice Beach and got cold,


…held a pigeon who died in my hands (devastating, but also quite the experience),


Pigeon Burial
Pigeon burial. I was touched that this lady also helped with the beautiful pigeon. 

and what else- well, just exploring the city and working, too.

For a hardcore boondocker to say they really like a city is saying something. I really like it here! Might be a wintertime destination, in an RV or in an air BNB. Who knows?

Ok, kids, that’s a quick update. Missing my RV, but so happy I can be here right now, thanks to my RV lifestyle.

Carry on, y’all, and I hope to hear from you on The RV Show USA!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Presentations And Guest Appearances. Also, LA -I Dig It.

  1. When we were in Austin last spring, we realized Jason Segel was sitting right behind us at a little taco place. As soon as someone noticed him, they went up and asked for a picture. That made everyone else notice him and then there was just this endless stream of people going up to him. He was gracious about it, but you could tell he was getting pretty fed up. I felt bad for him. Poor guy just wanted to eat a taco….. Anyway, I’m with you. I wouldn’t go up to a celebrity unless it was super clear that they wouldn’t mind… (But I would totally stalk the hell out of them at the places I thought they might be….) 🙂

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    1. LOL! I’m right there beside you. Heck, we went to Villa Blanca three times. And it was funny that Lisa didn’t even stay at the restaurant, she just wandered up, waltzed in for a second while on the phone, walked out, and I lost her. It was almost like she was a ghost. Or came just so I could see her. (I making that up in my little mind.) But it was very cool to see her in the flesh. 😁


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