Xscapers Bash 2018- Was It A Popularity Party? Insights Revealed


So you may already know that I last spoke about the Quartzsite gatherings feeling a little ‘groupy’, or ‘clicquish’ to some attendees. I wanted to give an update about how it’s going here at the Xscapers Annual Bash. (Now happening at American Girl Mine near Yuma)

As it turned out, this issue was already on the radar of the organizers of the Xscapers bash. They had previously talked about how to integrate the newcomers to feel more welcome. I think this may have stemmed from feedback from last year’s bash.

They planned a couple of things to try to help people mingle out of their comfort zone. So kudos to them for that!

Or, if you just want to see some photos from the bash, scroll down and get to it!

My Feelings About The 2018 Xscapers Bash So Far

I feel so far that most people have been very open and welcoming. That said, I also realize that this year I know MANY of the attendees. Which makes me wonder:

Is my perspective off due to the plain and simple fact that I know a lot of people here? 😬

When I pulled in, there were maybe… mmm… 15-20 rigs here? I knew every single person except for two. I met them very quickly since the gathering was small and it hadn’t even started.

Since, many have arrived who I don’t know, but have been eager to meet, for the most part. Why do I say for the most part? Because I understand that not EVERY person anyone/I/everyone meets is going to ‘jive’. We all do tend to seek something similar to ourselves. This is why people like other certain people right off the bat when/if they find a commonality.

This RV lifestyle certainly helps with that- having it in common. However, other ‘similar’ factors also come into play: younger v/s older, couples v/s singles, full-timers v/s part-timers, digital nomads v/s retirees, etc. So it’s still natural that we all will gravitate towards those whom we find the most in common with. Sometimes, it’s as simple as an indescribable vibe. You never know.

What I am trying to say is this- I made a concerted effort to make others feel welcome. When I would see someone standing around who looked a little ‘lost’ or like they didn’t have someone to talk to- I would go over and talk to that person. I hope many others here have done the same. I haven’t actually seen many people in this predicament, so that hopefully correctly, tells me that people here are jiving quite well, and finding ‘their’ people.

How is it going over at other gatherings? I have no idea. I haven’t been to any other gatherings. If the cliques are happening, then they are happening. It is really a part of human nature.

Still, when adults act like kids/bullies, it’s no fun for the ‘outsiders’.  (Which pretty much defined me all of my pre-adult and even part of my adult life. Like so many other people in the world.)

I do hope that in other areas most participants are getting to know other cool people around them.

Here are a few highlights of the Q gathering. I really didn’t take a lot of photos while I was there. Too busy visiting others!

Still, I caught a few highlights…


Becky Schade of interstellarorchard.com presenting about her experiences with workamping. 




Hey, that’s me and Marshall! We did a presentation about boondocking…. to a group who were ALL boondocking.😂 Kudos for the many many who showed anyway! Photo courtesy of Landmark Adventures




Boy, I became the ‘funny guy’ at this gathering. Thought it would be HILARIOUS to slap Camp Addict stickers on people at the campfire without them knowing it. Got it on about 6 people, and even got 2 on one person. Later, I messed with Denny of RvOutlawz by secretly having his second remote to his sound system, and changing the volume or skipping to the next song at his party. Yeah, somehow my jokes worked this year! New nickname= Prankster. 



Balloon launch at Xscapers. It was too early for me to leave my rig, apparently. 


IMG_2172 2
I finally got to meet in person long time friends from Facebook, Kait and Joe Russo of We’re The Russo’s. They have a rad new van and I got the 2 second tour! I am now starting to consider a van as my next house. It also stems from seeing Joni’s van (The Galavan on Youtube) as well, I am more and more open to the option. 




Fun impromptu light painting photography with fellow photographers William Trinkle and Tom Wilson as well as a few others. Photo courtesy of, I believe, by Corey Secrest on his iPhone. Pretty cool effect! This is me spinning a whisk full of steel wool that has been lit with fire. 




Bill Trinkle light painting at Xscapers 2018
Pretty neat effect- Becky is spinning wool behind me here. As noted, photo by William Trinkle




IMG_2204 2
Here I attempted to write ‘Camp Addict’ with a light. Ended up looking more like ‘Granny Ass’ or ‘Creamy Ass’. (Big difference between those two kinds of asses, eh?) Photo by William Trinkle.




bill trinkle- we exploded
Here is a photo of myself and Becky where we both exploded. Actually, she’s behind me spinning poi, and I spun the steel wool in front. Photo by William Trinkle




Holy hell. If you think RV life is boring check this out. That’s a CORNDOG truck in my backyard. Yep, I get out of the shower and boom. Lunch. 




Xscapers ponied up and got a skywriter for the bash. Kidding. Cool rare yellow ‘The Thing’ in the background though, eh?


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  1. Wow! Are you famous now! Received our latest Escapee’s magazine and there you were in not one article, with your Mom, but two! And I’m saying “I knew her when”. Glad to see you are getting lots of recognition! SKP Hugs from Karen

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    1. Oh my, I am far from famous!!! 😂 But yes, it was fun to be featured in two Escapees articles. I’m at the Xscapers annual bash right now. 👏🏻 Thanks for reading and commenting, Karen! ❤️ 😃


    1. Thanks! It was a photo laden post, that’s for sure. And this Bash was a really good time. 😁 It was great seeing you guys! Maybe we will come together again down the road. 🤩


  2. As one of those folks who sometimes may have looked left out I’ll just add that you (especially) and others went out of your way to include me. The event was a blast in every way and I made a bunch of new friends. My own awkwardness sometimes gets in the way. Thanks for being one of the coolest people I have met in my travels!

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    1. Well I very personally know what it feels like to be in the sidelines feeling left out, and I hate to see it happening to others. I’m glad we met too, you’re neat people! I’m especially glad you had a good experience here and met some other good folk! 👏🏻


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