Bucket Toilet V/S Composting Toilet- And The Winner IS?

Yeah. I tried it. I gave it a good run of peeing into a vinegar bottle and pooing into my own toilet into a bag with (super stinky) cat litter in it. Did it work for me? Let’s get right to it.

The Peeing Standing Up Thing

Yeah, nope. I am not a man.

This proves it if nothing else does. I had to stand up like a man in order to pee into a bottle. To pee standing up without spraying urine all over my awesome little tiny abode, I also had to use a female urinary device that looks like a funnel.

she pee holeshe pee

I did not find a way that I could comfortably sit while using it. I didn’t think it would be a big deal having to stand, but it was- and here’s why.

The Long Reach Down

My she pee device (I just like calling it that, it’s not an official She Pee) is pretty much is just a special shaped funnel. To use it, you have to hold it against your girly bits. And stand. You can’t even choose to sit and pee like a man can. No fair.

Holding it there is a bit of a problem for me. The thing is, my girly bits are a good distance to have to reach. Why? Because I have a pretty fantastically long torso. So it’s like my arms are a little short in reaching that area. (Is this how it is for all girls? I really don’t know.)

I am not a man, but I sure do like them. I’m not going to show you my long bare torso, but here’s a very nice toned and lean man torso:

Aaaahhh, a thing of beauty! Oh, and hey, off the subject, but this verrrry nice gif reminds me- I AM SINGLE. I have to keep reiterating that Marshall and I are NOT TOGETHER. At all. We are like brother and sister. But he’s awesome. Anyone know a nice single lady friend for him? Who RVs? Who has her own RV? He’s been on the market, gals!

Whoops, sorry, I ADD’ed out again. Back to it.

Further Complications In Standing And Peeing

So, to hold the device up to my bits, I have to hunch over. Which is not so bad, except that you also have to pee INTO something. I chose an empty vinegar bottle with a handle. The increased issue here is that I have to FURTHER hunch over to hold the bottle down below the urinary device so that I can pee into it.

Already, this is a lot of work just to pee. I have to stand, hunched, holding two items, which is not so comfortable. Also, I have to wash it off after each use. It won’t fit under my tiny bathroom sink so I have to do it in my kitchen sink.


I was also afraid I would one day SPILL the vinegar bottle before I could get it closed. If you know me, you know this is a VERY likely scenario.

I tried it though. I tried it again and again, and I swear there were a couple of times when, because of the hunching, I  felt my back “twinge”, and I feared it going out on a massive scale again, just like it did during my great axe incident back in 2016.

With that, the she pee method is not a good idea for moi. It’s the #1 reason I won’t be a “bucket toilet” girl.

The Caca Chronicles

Ok, so pooing- we all do it. We all look at it. We all smell it. We all like how our own poo smells. (Don’t we?) We all look at what ended up on the toilet paper after wiping. (How else do you know if you got it all?)

For these reasons, I thought that using the bucket method of pooing into a bag then covering it with some sort of medium would be no problem whatsoever. No real difference.

Until I tried it.

It really wasn’t so bad. Actually, the WORST part (which was easily fixable) was that I decided to use cat litter for my medium.


toilet kitty litter
Be glad. Be very glad you can’t smell it. WithOUT any poo. 


What I HATED about it was that the cat litter was scented. Ugh, it was some stupid flowery cat litter smell. It made my whole bathroom stink, and to some extent, it made my trailer stink. I’d rather smell my poo than that nonsense.


Yes, I could have bought a different brand, which I started to do until I realized I could just use dirt to cover it. Plenty of that around. So that morning I threw away the cat litter and breathed a sigh of relief. I tied up the bag of the offending smelly cat litter and put it in the back of my truck.

The Final Straw For The Bucket Method

That next day, I didn’t have to go ALL DAY. Strange, and I only realized this because Marshall asked me how it went or what I was using, and I was surprised to realize that I hadn’t used ANYTHING. Therefore, still not having to go, I went to bed.

The next morning it was cold. I got up, and I felt the call of nature. However, I had nothing to cover my upcoming drop-offs with. It was too cold for me to go outside that early. I simply didn’t want to deal with it.

Not realizing I COULD have just gone in the bag and not covered it (duh) since I have a lid to the toilet, I gave up, threw in the towel, ripped the bag out of the clean dry toilet and let ‘er rip into my good old-fashioned toilet. It felt so good!

I’m calling the bucket method, for me, a FAIL.

And with that, I am officially a Bucket Toilet adversary. You’re looking at a future composting toilet kind of gal.  THAT I can doo doo!

Now THAT I can doo doo!

11 thoughts on “Bucket Toilet V/S Composting Toilet- And The Winner IS?

  1. Too funny! The big question is…why didn’t you just pee in the cat litter? Cats pee and poo in it, why can’t you?
    Can’t wait to hear how the composting toilet works out for you 🙂

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    1. Great question- the point is to separate the solids and the liquids so you don’t create sewage. It will be a while till my next rig, but when I get it and my composting toilet, I’ll surely talk about THAT since poo seems to be on the top of things for RVers to talk about. 😁


  2. Yah, in my old Tear Drop trailer, being a ROG (Retired Old Geezer/Goat depending upon my mood a the time) I had to make the nightly 3am pee run, I ended up with a simple child’s sand bucket, two plastic bag liners (rolls at Amazon) and the Pee Powder found on amazon, just like the kitty litter but better, jels it. All biodegraded.
    Solid wastes, I ‘Tried’ the ‘bag in the bucket’, 5-gal with seat… that didn’t work out at all… The aroma Rama was just a little too sharp. But I feel your pain, sorta. I can at least stand up and write my name.. heheh.. SCUBA diver’s use the “She Pee’… when needed. Composting toilets just sound like a lotta work and hassel.. Luckily, I had the Camper black tank which works out just fine in this case… Ahhh, the Trials and Tribulations of Full Timing…

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    1. Fun stuff, eh? But wait- scuba divers use a she pee??? I cant’ even imagine how that works without them getting water in! Oh well, I’ll learn someday. And yeah, the writing your name thing- again- no fair. At least we chicks have makeup and clothes and other girly stuff to play with and all. We get that kind of fun, at the very least to go along with all the other “no fair” stuff like periods, shaving the legs and pits, have no good way to pee without a toilet (Seriously, universe, we are supposed to just always have pee splatter on our ankles??). Life is weird. I think the composting toilet will be very hands off aside from the every three days or so of dumping my urine tank. Thanks for the comment, Frank!


  3. That whole funnel-bottle thing sounds complicated. BUT you might google “Female urinal bottle.” You still have to press it up onto your lady bits and squat a bit, but you can also squeeze the bottle with your thighs, and that motion helps get all the pee out (post-partem women put their fist between their knees and squeeze to help their bladder get going again), which is good to do before you poo in a bucket….There’s still the urinal rinsing issue, but you will have that issue with the composting toilet too, am I right?
    I’m not sure why kitty litter is so “poopular”, the smell in houses of people who own cats is usually pretty distinct. When I was pooping in a bucket, coco coir worked well and that is also renewable. Not that you want to try any of this again.
    And while we’re on the subject, I’ve been wondering…In RVs, do visitors go back to their own RV for bathroom things? I’m not in an RV, but I imagine I would rather not share my RV toilet no matter what the style.

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    1. I hadn’t really thought about someone else pooping in my bucket for composting toilet. I suppose if it’s a composting toilet would be one thing but a bucket? Maybe different. I should I way from asking others if I can go in their rigs unless I know them well and situation calls for not going back to my rig easily. I would have to rinse a composting toilet urine catcher only once every few days instead of a few times a day with the urinal that I have. Less is more! The only reason I got kitty litter was because it was a last-minute decision to just get something and there was no garden supply around. I could do it, the bucket method, sure. Turns out, I just don’t want to! 😁

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  4. Did you think about putting a longer tube on the she pee? You could leave the bottle on the floor, a little rinse water poured through it to the bottle and done. I used the bucket method for a winter off grid in a cabin. we used cedar shavings and it was pretty much odor free.

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    1. Ashes work well too.. like campfire ashes. Used to use that in a “Two Holer” at a lake cabin, still do…. fireplace ashe… for just odor control, no idea how or if it’d work in composting stuff…

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  5. I wish I had discovered unscented cat litter sooner. I’ve been using it for the past year for my cats and have to say it is far superior to any cat litter as far as odor contol. Even my friends say they can’t smell anything. I have been thinking of trying it in my travel trailer as well, and still will despite your experience. I will pee and poop and scoop and throw away. In the past when traveling before I had an RV, I would pee in a small tupperware container, then dump and give the container a squirt of Lysol and put the lid back on. It stayed fresh. Not sure why you are fooling with the she pee thing. Just find a container that fits in your preferred position! Your black tank must be awfully small (or you poop alot). My tank can go two weeks before it needs dumping.

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