Are You Being Your Authentic Self?

This will end up being about questioning yourself and your authenticity. Skip to the bottom if you don’t care to see the silliness, but it does kind of prove the point.

Two Crazy Solo RVing Women Come Together

While camped at Borrego Springs State Park, I met back up again with another full-time solo RVer, Becky of Interstellar Orchard.

With some people, Becky being one of them, I have an interesting and fun dynamic when we are together. Similar to my energy around a few people I have known in my life, but not too many.

Here’s a short video example of us being silly:

See? It’s like being a kid again.

Some people I can just cut loose with. I LOVE it when it happens. I think I am able to do it with more people lately just because I give very few Sh*ts these days. I don’t take life or myself so seriously. I’ve been through a lot and because I am who I am I’m simply not afraid of much anymore. I do think that this is key to being happy.

I’ll say it again: I’m not afraid of much of anything these days. 

I highly recommend this mindset. I feel like I am the authentic “me” when I give less sh*ts. This removes the chains and shackles of unreasonable social expectations. It feels good. Have you ever felt this way?

Around certain people, my energy just connects with them. It happens organically. The comments we make to each other. The breaking out into “X”, or “Y”. You never really know what is going to happen.

Case in point: Camille and Bryce of More Than A Wheelin’. We had pretty much just met at the Rv Nomads photo shoot. They were willing to jump right into this goofy photo session with me after seeing how silly I was during the shoot. Photos by Kyle of Drivin’ & Vibin’. Thanks again for taking these, Kyle! Priceless:

Three stooges 2

Three stooges 5

Three stooges 4

Who does this upon meeting????? (I guess we do) 😆 NOTHING but pure fun!

Anyway, when I  took a little off road trip to Fonts Point with the Xscapers crew back in Borrego Springs, my dynamic with Becky was no different.

We broke out into silliness of being “models” for the camera and what we got was hysterical. Actually, this is the second time we have done this. When was the first?

Moab, last year we got this action:

Devils Garden Pose
I call this our “White Chicks” pose. At least that’s who I was channeling when I was posing.

Oh, but wait, I found another silly pose photo from Moab:

Moab Devils Garden

See? It just happens. Wait…

becky photobomb
Becky likes to photobomb. 

Ok, CLEARLY, we have fun with the camera. Why not?

Are these shots, or things, something you would have fun doing? Then DO IT!

You can throw shade at me for being so free all you want. It doesn’t bother me.

When I run into others “like me”, this stuff just happens. It feels totally authentic. I don’t worry about how I will look to others. I really don’t care. It’s not going to stop me from having fun and being my authentic self.

I hope I am explaining myself well and that you have felt the same at times and totally understand. It’s not all that easy to explain.

Without further ado, here are our silly photos:

(Photos by my “OTHER” Becky, of Adventure Next)


Stella is not amused. (We are)



Stella is not amused.



Stella is not amused. 



Stella is getting really bored. 



Stella finally left. 



Wait for it…



I call this one Becky’s “Titanic” pose.



Ok, just about done. 



Joni bombed!


Brian Bombed
Brian bombed. 

Behind The Scenes RV Solos Photo Shoot:

People even got shots of us getting shot. Bonus “behind the scenes” footage for you here.


photo 28

Come on. It was almost TOO much fun.

Just Be Yourself

You may think I am stupid. You may think I’m crazy or a little off-kilter. That’s perfectly fine. You haven’t walked a day in my shoes. Nor have I yours.

You may think I am looking for attention. I don’t really care if you have a negative thought process about who I am or what I am doing in my life. It’s my life. I am loving living it the fullest way I possibly can.

Me V/S my Scorpioness

If I want a little attention every now and then, great, I will make it so. If I get a little stupid sometimes while having fun, great, I’ll be stupid and have fun. If I embarrass myself, which is hard to do, well, fine. I probably had a great time embarrassing myself!

Since you are reading this, I hope you are free to do all of these things in your life as well. I feel like I have broken, mostly, out of the shackles that my mind used to hold over me that held me back. Maybe it was society’s shackles, maybe it was my upbringing. It was probably a combination of things.

Whatever it was, I feel more authentic than I ever have in my life. I am not bragging about it. I just feel this thing inside of me that has come out and had a taste of this freedom. Now that it has had a taste, it seems to want more.

It DOES feel like an authenticity, and I am doing my best to let it get FULLY out.

Fonts point

What I DO know is how good it feels to feel freer now. I’m free from so many different ideals and expectations that I had wrapped my head around before now. I think that I am expressing this in my photos and my lifestyle these days. And I hope you are doing the same, or are striving to get there with the same feeling of freedom.

Hug a cactus

Feel The Love!

Whatever you do, surround yourself with people you love, who love you back and who you JIVE with! Life is simply too short to deal with anything less.

After all, you and I may not be here tomorrow.

The crew


(Sorry, X… I love you but didn’t think I could show you here, so I blurred you out. ❤️)

16 thoughts on “Are You Being Your Authentic Self?

    1. The old adage rings true- “it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you handle it”. We all have shit. I got over my shit. The other side feels fabulous. Oh HELL yeah! Sure I still have down moments and a crappy day here and there. But it’s usually because of my own head getting the best of me in the wrong way. I can recognize that now. I overcome my thoughts and bam, all is well again. 👏🏻


  1. Effing hilarious. I love it. Did you hug the cactus?
    I recently joined Xscapers/Escapees based on finding your blog.
    I’m going to be in Arizona at the end of March. I hope to catch up with you and your crew somewhere.

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    1. Awesome, Donna! You will meet a bunch of great people at the get togethers. Not going to be in Az at that time but maybe somewhere down he road we shall meet. Thanks for reading, girlie! Yes, that’s me hugging the “cactus “. 😁

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  2. Totally love Becky too. She is just so fun and very REAL.

    I just realized this year that all those expectations are what really get in the way of happiness. I haven’t cared for quite some time, but until January allowed them to have an edge in my life. No more. Freer today than then and so much happier.

    Keep on being free Chickadee. We love you just the way you are !

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    1. Yes, Becky is totally authentic!! She’s figured it out at a much earlier age than I did. Maybe I’m confusing expectations with dreams or wants. I think dreams and wants are OK, even healthy. Expectations, especially from other people, can definitely be a let down. I don’t know, I’m just glad to hear you are “freer” today! And happier. Thanks, Mush, for your kind words. ❤️


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