The Worst Neighbors EVER! Proof That Campgrounds Suck.

I Had To Call 911

Seeing as I have only parked in campgrounds MAYBE 30 nights or less while living in my RV in my three years, already having had a REALLY BAD incident that includes calling the cops at one of them proves a point. You probably already know my disdain for campgrounds, and not that I was going to ever change my mind, but if you thought that “there’s a chance” like Dumb and Dumber, there’s no way now!

Unless you somehow didn’t read the part about campgrounds sucking in the title, or in my other posts, my bet is that you would guess that I had to call 911 while I was way out in the middle of nowheresville, boondocking.

You’d be wrong about that one.

I was in a campground only out of necessity. I was still dry camping. However, I was IN A CAMPGROUND. I was not in the middle of nowhere, nor was I really boondocking. I was just outside of the greater Los Angeles metropolis, a little north of Santa Clarita, Ca at Oak Flats Campground. (An unmanaged National Forest campground.)

I have always preached how you will be safer “out there” way in the boonies than you will be near a city. This is one perfect example of what I am talking about- I have been on the road for almost 3 years, almost exclusively boondocking without a single “event”. I stay in a CG, near a city, and BOOM- instant trouble. 😐

Let’s Begin, Shall We?

Here It Is- The World Premiere Of Hey Look, I’m A Drunk A**hole!

I had just left Los Angeles to catch up with a crew of friends. They chose to wait for me at this CG just north of Santa Clarita- not too far of a drive, free with an America The Beautiful pass, and we all had small enough rigs to park there. There was really no boondocking within a decent drive from LA, so they were stuck picking a campground.

Seemed decent enough. No reviews on Campendium, so it was a little bit of a gamble. (There’s a review now, Ha Ha Ha)

Oak Flat Campground
Can’t bring a long rig in here. The boulders will stop you from that very quickly.

They arrived, set up, and all was well for the most part. All other campers were car or tent dwellers, and there weren’t many of them at all. Still, nice views and it seemed quiet.

I arrived the next afternoon. I thought “decent ‘for a campground'”

I set up. Got back to work. Socialized with my buddies. Went to bed. Slept.

DG on the right
All tucked in. Not a bad spot. Not bad scenery. Well, except for Drunk Girl (DG) and her tent friend on the right. Details coming up.

The Lovely Campground Neighbors, AKA -The Reason For This Post

The next morning, I got right on my computer, working like a maniac. At around 10:30 there was QUITE a ruckus- it sounded like a very loud motorcycle coming into the CG. I didn’t bother looking, but this got our group chat buzzing.

Start of the DA group chat

At first, when reading the chat, I thought that calling him, or them “dicks” was a bit severe. I thought it was just a revving motorcycle or something. What I DIDN’T hear was the same a-hole (Later lovingly referred to in our messages as “DA” for “Drunk A**hole”) yelling earlier in the day, at the top of his lungs, to the whole campground “WAKE UP EVERYONE, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, B**CHES!!! (Because of course, we would all be sleeping, naturally, at 10:30 in the morning) He must have done this away from me and closer to my cohorts. Hence, the “a-hole” comment from “eleven cents”.

Don’t these campground neighbors sound lovely already? (Oh, it gets wayyy better.)

So DA and his girlfriend (later referred to by everyone as DG for “drunk girlfriend”) left for the morning. Maybe they wouldn’t return. Yay.

The natural order of things settled back into place.

Too Good To Be True

As one might fear, they came rolling back in a little later. I didn’t hear them so at first, I only knew about it because of our group chat. Everyone was inside their own rigs and at 2:58pm, this message came through, and I jokingly replied to it.

Drunk neighbors

Again, I thought the drama was over for good.

Then, I didn’t really start hearing them (him) again until around 4:00. Shortly after that, it was getting 100% apparent that this was not just a drunk person talking loudly. He was YELLING intentionally so the whole CG could hear.

Image-1 8

Literally, yelling. At the top of his lungs. (audio below) It was becoming a situation.

By this time I had to have a look at what this ringmaster looked like. NO WAY in HELL I was going outside! It was dead quiet other than the idiot.


I couldn’t see them unless I opened a window and popped my head out, which I was also hesitant to do. I mean, NOBODY at the campground was outside. Even all the little ground squirrels had suddenly disappeared. I did eventually take a look. Let’s just say he fit the typical profiling of a drunk, trashy a**hole.

He shouted quite a few things about us (the other people in the CG) not being “white”. I suspect the dude is a bit of a racist as well as a a**hole. It was so bizarre.

He wasn’t slowing down, and it was getting really bad.

The Hyundai SUV they were living in LITERALLY sounded like the worst contractor generator ever when idling (and lucky for me, they were closest to ME) and DA found it fun to rev the thing up as loud as he possibly could.

At this point, I didn’t quite realize how bad it was so I was laughing because of how ridiculous it was. If you don’t listen to any of the other audios, listen to this one of him revving the engine. Holy cow. 

Ok, so we were messaging back and forth because this was clearly getting to be a concerning event. DA was escalating, shouting things like “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DOOO???? I’LL SIGN THE TITLE OVER TO THEM, WHAT’S YOUR NAME??? WHAT’S YOUR NAAAAME???” (Looking our way, screaming at us, the “intruders” as if we had ANYTHING to do with them.)

The girl (DG) seemed to be concerned that us “Strangers” in the campground were going to steal or “cut” their tent if they left. Guess they weren’t used to super suspicious weirdo RVers like us up in “their” campground. (You can hear her mumbling “I don’t knowww who these people arrrrreeeeeee” in one of the audios)

This went on for a time, and finally, I started realizing that this wasn’t ending anytime soon, and dark would be falling in no time, and we might be stuck here with this very unstable person.

Getting increasingly uncomfortable, we started debating if we should leave. Debating if we should call the cops. If we left, it would have to be when it was light out and I MUCH preferred for cops to be there for our protection. At this point, this guy was clearly off his rocker, and none of us knew how much more out of control and agitated he might get.

The Turning Point

Dude made the choice for me about calling the cops. He went too far when he started screaming about shooting up the neighbors (us) with his BB gun. 😳

That was the final straw for me. Oh hell no. Since becoming invisible isn’t one of my superpowers, I was left with no other recourse. I called 911. This is only the second time in my life I have had to call the number. Thanks, campgrounds.


Now, as I was on the phone with the Sheriff, more message updates were coming through our group chat as everyone was obviously super nervous at this point.

Image-1 4

The Moment That Should Have Been The Moment I Crapped My Pants

THEN, right after I got off the phone, THIS wonderful news comes through…


Things just got REAL.

Was this guy about to start shooting up the campground??

The sun is completely in my eyes trying to look at them through my booth window so I can’t really see well enough to see what he’s holding. I debate calling 911 AGAIN to let them know it’s now URGENT.

We didn’t figure out whether it was a rifle or not because they then got in the SUV and drove off, but left some of their stuff.

Meantime, we were trying to figure out what to do.

Image-1 2

Turned out they didn’t go far- just over to the entrance of the camp to get firewood. Seemed to quiet down a bit with a ‘job’ to do.

Image-1 3

Full of nervous energy, I took this time to do a quick recap:

Then they came back. Naturally, the yelling commenced.




 The ACTUAL Moment I Crapped My Pants A Little

FINALLY, the good old boys in blue arrived! It was a relief to see them pull up.


Image-1 11

My excitement didn’t last for long.

The cops, upon arrival, ALSO thought he had a GUN, so they both got out of their vehicle, guns drawn, aggressively yelling at the guy to drop it! It was the full monty- a real-life COPS episode happening right in front of my eyes. Was a shootout about to begin?????

Yes, this is when I think I crapped my pants a little.

I was freaking out, in total disbelief that I was possibly about to be in the middle of a shootout! I was prepared to hit the floor, wondering if my little cardboard walled house might stop any stray bullets. I remember also being pretty ticked off about that possibility. Seriously, CAMPGROUNDS!!! 😡

This was not what I was planning for my afternoon. This was NOT going to be how I was going to die!

Thank god, the cops settled when they realized that he only had an ax. (BIG whew!)

I went into the bathroom to change my pants. 😂 J/K, I didn’t crap my pants.

Then, I started the camera rolling again and got this footage of what seemed to me at the time, them suddenly making friends. Did they know each other? I wasn’t very happy about this, either!

However, it was the cops just doing their job… most of the time idiots such as this one get very reactive instead of complacent. They were trying to keep him calm and keep him from escalating. Luckily, this guy got complacent. FAST.

His total change in behavior and attitude in the video is day and night. Suddenly he was a “nice, regular, innocent guy”. 😂

Meantime, we were still debating what to do. I went outside to start packing my solar panels and I started towards one of the cops to ask him if they needed to talk to me since I had called. He sort of waved me off and said, “Give us a few minutes”.

So I proceeded to pack up. Then:

Image-1 5

WOOT! Yes!! The cops got him because he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest anyway. (domestic violence, I believe?) That’s why they were all chummy with him and talking him up. Stalling while they checked his records.

IMG_3666 2
A beautiful sight, the DA getting carted off to jail, front car!

“So, hey DA- you know there’s a warrant out for your arrest (likely), and you still act this way?” It never amazes me the idiocracy of most criminals. Doing things like this or other attention-drawing things such as driving too fast when they know they have a warrant out. Well, I’m GLAD that this guy had one!

One of the cops nicely showed us a few places where we could stay if we wanted to move on.


So we felt safe to stay since he was carted away. The DG stayed, too. We weren’t too worried about her. Still, we kept our eye on her because she had a lot of friends who stayed there, and she was on the phone with people a lot, so we just… kept our guard up. Also- DA might have gotten out of jail that night (though it was 80 miles away) and we worried he would come back, pissed.)

Image-1 9

We all hung out at my place that evening, feeling the need to “huddle up” for a bit of fake security! Then everyone went their own way.

The night came and went without incident. Until…

Well, it wasn’t an incident, thankfully, but DUDE. That car. She turned it on periodically in the evenings and the mornings. SO freaking loud and disruptive. She stayed until we left. She never did put the tent out again. She slept in the car. 😂

Why I Don’t Like Campgrounds

Why do I not like campgrounds? This is a prime example folks. No, it’s not a common occurrence, I totally get that. But it happened! In a campground. Zero issues while boondocking so far.

However, this is icing on the cake mixed in with so many other things I don’t like about them, so it just proves a point. Like I like to say, “Why would I PAY to have rules, noise, power, and neighbors??? I can have free accommodations, free power, water is usually free, and I can pretty much choose to have neighbors (which means noise) or no neighbors when I am boondocking. I much prefer to have my own choice.

Yep, I’m still a happy boondocker here!


26 thoughts on “The Worst Neighbors EVER! Proof That Campgrounds Suck.

  1. OH Mannnn… well that sucks… glad you’re all safe and it worked out.
    Surprised the LEO came out there at all.

    Been there, experienced that several times, chain saws at 11pm shouting, drunk 3am yellings, etc. Boonies are sorta double edged, Ying/Yang thing, too. You’re out in the middle of nowhere trying to get away from it all and someone new comes “near” and they figure since they’re out in the Boones, the can do whatever they want, as loud as they want at whatever time they want. PITA they are…

    The Nat’l Forest Service, un-hosted sites seem to be a fav for them too.. I probably would have ‘moved’ outta there, but the LEO apparently did service the area, so that was a good thing., Probably would have moved anyway as you say, they then ‘Knew’ who called them and DG had some friends..

    Thank Gawd, no one was hurt, Shit happens and it’s not fun…
    Kudos to All Y’all for hanging in there and calling. It could have gone south quickly, time to “Bug Out”…
    till the next time?? heheh, joking… safe travels…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OOOOH, no next time! I don’t want to invite that into my universe! Yeah, stuff can happen anywhere. It’s been more peaceful boondocking, MUCH more peaceful than any CG. I love it out here. Looking at the Sierras as I type. Gorgeous! But yeah, we were save and likely the dude was all talk and no shoot, but boy was it uncomfortable!


  2. Thanks for sharing, glad you all are safe. We haven’t been that unlucky yet. Even camped next to some homeless guys on the reservation. They looked Scarey but turned out to be real nice guys.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Be safe out there. There are some real nut cases loose in the world. My daughter is in law enforcement, She has seen many of them. I worry about her more than she knows.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Luckily, we haven’t had any really terrible neighbors yet. The worst was a bunch of drunk kids at the Kentucky Derby, but they were harmless. It was basically just amateur hour. This was pretty bad though. I definitely would have bugged out had he not been arrested. Glad it all worked out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, generally it’s totally safe, campground or not. The media gets people all hyped up about safety and it’s really ridiculous. Yeah, had he not been arrested, we were OUTTA there! We were all basically packed up, and noone had even unhitched so it would have been quick, WHILE the cops were still there!

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  5. We had a similar (but much shorter) experience in a state campground back in Michigan. Guy actually fired a couple shots (into the air, we think) before cops came and took him in. Hope to never see a repeat of that.

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  6. Times like this … I’d want my miniature pinscher to be an ill-tempered full-sized Doberman (Great Dane, even better!) , other times like when I stash him in a backpack and carry him while bicycling I like the 11 pound size!

    Enjoying your blog, I will hit the road with dog and bikes next July 4th (2019). If nothing changes in the RV world, would go for truck camper … Cirrus 920, same company that makes the TAB400.

    Just thinking, all these campground incidents people have, but until in the last year I heard about some Texas campground shooting I’ve never heard of anything really bad happening. Uncomfortable situations, yes. Do we leap towards the worst happening, or is that just prudence! (no wonder nobody gets harmed, they left the campground!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I could use dogs MUCH bigger for “security”. 😂 But I really wouldn’t have them any other way. Thanks for following along! No, the norm is that nothing bad happens. Wow, just over a year till you hit the road, congratulations! Best decision I ever made. 😁


  7. What would have happened if he indeed had a real gun and decided to shoot at you?
    Call 911 and hope they get there in time?
    When seconds count, the police are minutes away!
    Maybe you should consider an alternative way of self defense besides a cell phone!
    Wolf, sheep, or sheep dog: your choice!
    Just suggesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries, I have a few methods of self defense. I doubt I will ever need them, but it’s nice just to know I have them. The likelihood of getting shot is much higher in a city than it is ever out here camping. Also, I choose not to live in fear. You can come up with 1000 different scenarios of things that can kill you any time, any where. But why bother?


  8. I just ran across your site and started reading this and couldn’t stop! Guy was straight crazy! Sooooo, ya’ll are not white? LOL! Did he even see you all?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. None of us went outside while it was happening, but it was all our rigs he was screaming about. Us. So heck yeah he did! Glad you enjoyed!!!


      1. LOL! Yeah I was being sarcastic (against him) thus the LOL after my question. I read your story to my husband and he just shook his head and said sometimes you just can’t fix stupid. Guess we need to be careful if we stay at any campgrounds (eeek) on our trip to PA in July. LOL!

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  9. Wow what a story! Looking forward to following your boondocking adventures. Myself have never boondocked, but would like to. We live in GA and have many great campgrounds around us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m about to publish a hilarious story about #vanlife. Hope you enjoy! Not all that much booning in the east, unfortunately. I boondock exclusively, but want to spend more time in cities which will force me to stay in some. Urgh. But I’ll do it. Thanks for reading!!


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