Tried Snowboarding Again And THIS Happened

So we last were with the DA (drunk a**hole) in the CG (campground) with the DG (drunk girlfriend).

Things were great after that with my little caravan of fellow TV show ‘stars’. (More on that soon 😉)

First, I got nudged into starting the 1 second every day app by my friends Bill and Porter. Dude. It’s a TOTALLY addicting way to look back on the highlights of your past days.

I started off mildly entertaining. Because I am competing with myself and a few fellow nomads, I believe, self judging here, that EACH month has gotten 100x more entertaining. You decide. I’m amping it up all the time. One day I am going to explode.

Here’s February, my first 1 second everyday.


March may be its own post. March was EXTRA FUN with the Xscapers convergence! But APRIL (Not out yet) has VEGAS and more importantly my friend Hannah and our #VanLife series in it. You’ll see. In honor of #VanLife, it’s a ‘sexed up’ version of 1 second with out of context sentences, ‘sexy’ imitations, bathing suits and more shenanigans.

(#Vanlife blog post is coming with detailed explanation of why we did it. Not that any explanation is necessary really.)

Let’s carry on.

Lake Isabella Boondocking

I had two snow issues.

  1. Getting to it
  2. Being in it.

Before I get into it, let’s see what happened in between DA/DG and The Snow Issues.  We left the campground of shame and drove back into our natural environment, boondocking. We went to Lake Isabella, Ca.

Nice spot, but we were all preeeeetty close together. We parked right on the river. The girls didn’t mind.

RV close parking boondocking
This is a little too close for comfort! 

Pretty sure I had the best view.

Lake Isabella RV Window View
My top liked instagram post. I think.

We were back to boondocking. No drama in sight!

Well, it was a tad dramatic that the pinecones were bigger than Gizmo.

Pinecone bigger than a chihuahua

While boondocking at Lake Isabella, I also learned not to use my furnace to dry my hair. Just. Say. No.


Alabama Hills Boondocking

We stayed a bit then the crew moved on to boondock at Alabama Hills, Ca. This insanely gorgeous boondocking spot had been on my bucket list for a long time after seeing crazy beautiful photos on Instagram.


Cell service in the area is hit or miss. And as we all know, internet connection MOVES. Some work days were better than others.

Bad boondocking internet
Becky’s face.


Boondocking. (No drama in sight.)

I visited the infamous Nightmare Rock at Alabama Hills. I jumped off it for dramatic effect, you know, being so bummed about lack of other drama. 😂

However, I hadn’t taken into consideration how very LITTLE I have actually jumped these days. I damn near went down. Thank god for hands or my head mightve hit the ground.

The RV Towing Snow Fail

I finally parted ways with the group to move on to Moab for the Xscapers convergence. I wanted desperately to go snowboarding, and I was passing a lot of it.

Should I snowboard? Could I?

I found snowboarding close to my overnight stop at Eagle Point Resort in Beaver, Utah. I finally decided to go for it, as my friend Michael agreed to join up with me and ski.

Eagle Point Resort

What happened reminded me of the time I tried to cross Snoqualmie pass with my tire chains on the wrong set of tires.

THIS time, I at least knew which tires to put them on.

Michael arrived, and we started up the windy road to Eagle Point Resort. And thank god, cause I wouldn’t have tackled this road alone. (His giant diesel truck could pull me out of ANYTHING)

I didn’t REALLY expect to see much snow on the road headed up to the resort, but yeah. There it was.

Oh boy. Wasn’t prepared mentally for this.

After a few miles, the snow was ON the road, scaring me. I feared that ahead it would cover the road and I would start sliding in a place where I couldn’t pull over. So, we pulled over and I got them on.

But boy, chaining up is never fun. It’s dirty, it’s cold, fingers go numb and it’s HARD/Awkward.

At least it’s pretty. You know how I love snow.
Who recognizes the sticker on my back? 😁
Chains AGAIN?
Bloody knuckles and a fake smile.

All chained up, we ventured on, Michael following. It was noisy as I was still on asphalt. Don’t reckon you’re supposed to have chains on on fairly clear pavement. But I didn’t think I had a choice.

I clunked my way up the mountain. Until… I couldn’t anymore! RRR.

What happened? It just became too steep. I slowed until the chains were actually making my tires spin on the pavement. Good lord. I literally slowed to a stop.

I turned around, with Michael’s help. Glad there was next to no traffic.


Travel Trailer blocking entire road
Pardon me. Don’t mind me. Nothing to see here. 


I parked back down the mountain and rode with Michael up to the resort, tail tucked between my legs.

Snowboarding and Bad Backs Don’t Mix..

Sigh. You remember my rental house? Then you remember how I threw my back out while cutting back 2 years of overgrowth in two weeks.

Lucky for me, that injury has been with me ever since. As I feared, it didn’t take long for my back to ‘twinge’.

I only got one run in before it ‘hit’.

(And I only got two runs total. ☹️)

It was this fall that probably over-stretched my back and/or tweaked it. It started talking. This was my first drop on my first run. Barely got 30 yards.

Second drop didn’t feel too bad, but laying down with the backpack under my back sure felt good and kept me there a while.

THIS was the one where I knew I was done. I was scared to go down. You pretty much have to twist to go down, and that’s what gets me. Getting up wasn’t gonna happen without help. Michael to the rescue.

I got up and carefully made my way down to the lift.

The lift guy decided it was not in my best interest to take the lift back to the lodge, so  they snowmobiled my aging ass back to the lodge. It was my first snowmobile ride, and the only thing that made it hurt less was the verrrry cute mountain man who drove me.

Oh well. I let Michael get more runs in and I went to warm up in his rig.

Moral of the RV Snowboarding story?

Nah, don’t chase it. There isn’t one.

Because I will always be me, and I will always mess up. I totally own that. Best I can do with it is to make fun of myself and to share with you my human faults.

I think a lot of the ‘S’ I do wrong is funny, thank goodness, or else it would just be tragic/sad. I’ll throw my back out again, I’ll mess up driving in the snow again, I’ll make bad decisions, but I’ll keep trying regardless.

Cause heck… why not? Hell, I’m doing it and I’m documenting it! This is all part of the full-time RV life that I love.

All on video



9 thoughts on “Tried Snowboarding Again And THIS Happened

  1. Good to finally hear a new story!! Unfortunately there was only one video linked (the 1-second video). It’s great when there’s minimal drama – just the way I like it! Congratulations on keeping it mellow!

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  2. Good to see you back online… fun adventures. Like a bad camping trip, you’ll always remember it… sigh, whether you want to or not.. heheh.. Still waiting for the mystery of LA that you couldn’t “Talk” about till later… hava good one.
    PS. Alabama Hills was on my route this time from AZ/UT but skipped it for next time.

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    1. Thanks Frank! Yeah I’ve slacked on updating for a while but I’m catching up. Blogging my stuff helps me to remember it way better lol! Yeah, the ‘secret’ will be out soon! Ish. Oh man, Alabama Hills is a must! Hope you hit it next time. 👏🏻


      1. Kewl, standing by, LOL…. I did a little Utah, Moab area, too crowded, campsites all FULL… and didn’t have buggy so left earlier… In OR now… will keep AL on the list… cheers..

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  3. Cool update, but definitely a little delayed😊

    Hey, any plans to go to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta this year? We are attending and will be part of the Escapees/era HOP group.

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    1. I know, I’ve slacked for a bit! I tried to minimize it, but you’re not helping. LOL! 😁Hadn’t planned on it. When is it? I have two convergences to make it to this summer in Colorado and Idaho.


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