The ‘Hashtag Vanlife’ Parodies

‘If you are on Instagram, you may follow a few #Vanlife accounts.

STOP reading now if:

  • You are a #Vanlifer on Instagram
  • You have no sense of humor
  • You are easily offended

KEEP reading if:

  • You like funny jokes
  • You live in an RV or van and you’re normal and cool
  • You are a sexy young ‘vanlifer’ who flaunts their sexiness and has a sense of humor and doesn’t easily get offended.


Are all of the offendable humorless readers all gone? Great! Ok my peeps, let’s have fun!

Today we are poking fun at the soft pornish ludicrous sexily posed photos in a few particular #Vanlife Instagram accounts.

(And for ‘SOME’ reason, they have thousands of followers.🤣)

The accounts usually feature a very attractive young couple. The women may be casually cooking in their bikini or hanging out on their bed with their ass out, or her and her man lounging, also half dressed in the van looking very post-coitus with the back doors open.

There’s usually a LOT of skin and obvious sexy posing going on. There’s not much of the ‘keeping it real’-ness going on with them. Which is fine. Not everyone really wants to see the reality of RV living.

(Dump tanks. Flat tires. Frozen pipes. Litter all around your camp. Horrible neighbors. Dust. Bucket toilets. Showers at the nasty YMCA. Just to name a few!)

MOST #Vanlifers are not posting crazy sexy photos of themselves, BTW. I have plenty of #VanLife friends who do/are nothing like this. Because the reality of living in an RV, whether it’s a van or a motorhome, is that there are dirty deeds to do. But this isn’t ever shown/talked about on these particular accounts.

This is about as sexy as living in an RV or Van USUALLY gets for MOST of us:

I won’t use ACTUAL photos from any of the accounts I am going to make outright fun of, but you can simply Google something like #Vanlife sexy images try to find them yourself if you have not seen any.  They’re sexy, yes, but also quite hilariously absurd.

#Vanlife Overtly Sexy Parody Photos

Here’s an example of what I am talking about. Blend the two photos below together in your mind, and you have a #Vanlife ridiculously attractive female posing sexily like she’s actually fixing her engine.

Now don’t get me wrong, this girl/mechanical ability thing is 100% possible! I have a couple of very pretty friends who work on their own vehicles, mind you, one being in the videos below with me (Hannah).

It can happen, but wearing a mini skirt and a crop top? Or a bikini? Unrealistic, unless it’s a photo from a mechanic’s calendar. 😂

REAL life Vanlife/RV life

What does REAL RV Life or Van life (same thing) look like?

Here’s Hannah (below) (The.curly.nomad on Instagram), and my cohort in these #Vanlife videos troubleshooting her jack issue on her Class C RV. THIS is a more realistic #VanLife or #RVLife in case you were wondering. 😂

Sorry to burst the fantasy! Still, she’s a badass, she’s very pretty, she’s young, and she can rock her own repairs. And I am jealous. 😍

J/K, she’s a great friend, but I do wish I had her mechanical skeeyilz!! 😂

The Curly Badass

Anyway, ‘sorry’, dudes. I guess she wasn’t ‘feeling’ her usual bikini getup that day. 😂

The #Vanlife accounts we’re speaking of typically have the girl living casually in a half-naked state, bikini or otherwise.

I guess one could argue that they don’t have enough storage space for enough clothing to be fully dressed. Now there’s a real problem.

But…where are they all moving to/parking where it’s super hot outside all of the time? And what about mosquitos? Do they spray Deep Woods OFF on themselves all the time? Eew, that’s not very sexy. 😂

We get it that people probably subscribe for the fantasy.

They are nice photos to look at while you are at work in a cubicle staring at a screen for 8 hours. Which is fine. It’s also fine to make fun of the absurdity of it. And that’s exactly what Hannah and I did in the following clip.

The ‘Hashtag Vanlife’ Parodies

The whole thing is so UNLIKE most van/RV/class a/class c/travel trailer/fifth-wheel/car dweller’s lives, that well, Hannah and I just had to make a fun parody of it.

To make light fun of the ridiculous contrast to our daily RV lifestyles, we did a combination of videos, instead of staging photos.

We used what we had and made a silly and fun parody. Everyone I know now knows it simply as “Hashtag Vanlife”.

This is what ensued. Enjoy, and I hope you laugh!

26 thoughts on “The ‘Hashtag Vanlife’ Parodies

  1. LOL, funny… I had NO Idea Van Camping was such fun, heheh
    Thank Gawd I”m an Old Geezer… Whew..
    Very funny indeed… hava blast…

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  2. Love this 🙂 I want to do a #vanlife photoshoot with you! You need the classic “legs out the back window at a beautiful view” shot 😛 I have a secret instagram account making fun of something similar…. manbunyoga haha

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  3. I don’t live in a van or even own one, but I love your blog. I have a travel trailer we spend weekends adventuring in.

    I had to go check out the hashtag on Instagram for myself. Too funny!! Haha

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    1. Thank you, Imagine Camper! No van here, either, but I love my travel trailer! Glad you had a laugh. We sure did!! That’s one of the funniest parts of watching it to me, is me laughing in the background at Hannah so much. 😂😂😂😍 Thanks for following along!


  4. We are #vanlifers – sorry for reading your post – and TOTALLY agree with you. Every time we search ‘hashtag vanlife’ at least one of three photos include a woman wearing an outfit that is ridiculously inappropriate for the situation she’s in (e.g. pushing a stranded van out of a hole or frying an egg in a bikini). On a daily basis we discuss how people that share these photos ‘magically’ happen to have so many followers. 😂

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    1. YEP!!! They should start hash tagging themselves BIKINI life, lol!!! It’s pretty ridiculous/hilarious. I’m not jealous. I’m sure they think I am, if any of them have even seen this. (Nor do I don’t follow any of those accounts) Hell, I’ve got a damn good body, even for a 20 year old. I just choose not to ‘use’ it that way. No desire to. I’m way too modest for that!! 😂

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