Now I Can REALLY Make Fun of #Vanlife!

What would ‘qualify’ me to better make fun of the ‘sexy vanlife’ social media accounts?

I’d say I’d be more qualified if I actually had a van and lived it. And that’s my new plan! (Wut?)

Yup, I am in the market to get a van to pull my trailer, even after getting ‘The Beast’ merely a year ago.


‘The Beast’, my 2014 Ford Raptor. Photo by Matt Knight of Adventurous Way. He took it when he popped two of his tires while we were off roading. So we used my spare and his spare to get  him back. #Imadick 😆

Sure, it’s nice and looks all badass, but I don’t feel a kinship with the vehicle. It’s not really ‘me’.

Did they just have sex? Are they going to have sex? Why is sex such a big theme for some #vanlifers social media? (Oh yeah, because sex sells.) 

And don’t worry- if you saw my #VanLife Parodies… (examples below) and you know me, you know I won’t be doing the above kind of #vanlife! (I mean, don’t make me laugh.)

(Also, I won’t be doing that green in my hair ever again😆.

Hey, it looked pretty cool when it was green AND blue.)

I may start a new IG account just to do funny photos making fun of THAT vanlife.

This could be really fun, people.

Why #VanLife?

So why would I get a van? Especially when I love my trailer so?

My little trailer is perfect now- it has 600 watts of solar on the roof AND two lithium batteries. I’m set.

I thought I would be keeping the trailer for a good bit longer. That was the plan. Hence, the rooftop mega-watt solar and the batteries.

But this is how nomadic life works. It’s called having ‘jell-o plans.’ Because you plan to do ABC, but life makes you do EFG.

That’s just how it goes.

Here’s the thing- I long for more city time/life. I am over having to park on public lands only. Why? Because it means usually being around 30 minutes from any town. And I like to go to town.

A lot.

Problem is, I always know it’s going to take +/- an hour of my day.

It’s pretty. But it’s the typical 30 minutes from where I want to go.

So I would like to be in towns more. If I get a fully converted camper van that can pull my trailer, I can enjoy the best of BOTH worlds.

I can park the RV out on public land with friends as usual.

Then I can hang out there when I want to but I can also go into town with the van.

IF I want to STAY in town, boom. I can! It will be a mobile office AND a second home.

Work party in a van! With Becky and Joni, all working on our online businesses.

If service isn’t good at camp, I can always pull into town, and blam. I have a mobile office.

Also, hitching up and unhitching is SUCH a pain. It takes so long. I envy watching my van friends pull in, park, and they are done.

I want that. So again, I may be tempted to ditch the trailer altogether.

What Are My #Vanlife Requirements Looking Like?

Hey, We Like Your Sticker. 

Well, the original idea is to tow the trailer with the van. I’ll have two residences, so to speak.

BUT, in my new van, I want it all. I need these things all to apply to the van:

  • Ability to pull my trailer
  • Can’t be overweight, though converted, cause I have to add the tongue weight of trailer
  • I have to like the layout
  • Needs a bathroom
  • WANT 4×4 so even in snow, I can be fully mobile
  • Can’t be over $50K
  • Must be small enough to fit into regular parking spaces

Not asking much, am I? Pfffffft.

Van Options For Pulling My Travel Trailer

What vans are even options then? Only a few have the capacity to pull my 4,400-lb trailer without struggling.

One of them I don’t want ’cause it’s pretty butt-ugly. The Nissan NV passenger van.

I meeeeeean… Errrrr… Nope. I just can’t.

I won’t get a Sprinter because they are expensive to repair and you have to take them to a Mercedes dealer/service place, and those aren’t nearly as common as Walmart and Jiffy Lube, y’all.

Lots of vans just don’t have the tow capacity for my trailer.

What are my options then?

  • Ford Transit
  • Ford E-series vans WITH high tops

Why not a box truck? Too big.

I would like to get a cargo van someone has built out themselves, or had someone do it for them. Sounds feasable, right?

How about this one? Is it me?

Biggest issues- being near the van when it comes up for sale, and finding one that also has 4wd.

You can get 4wd added, but Quigley (a business that adds 4wd to vehicles) just stopped doing conversions on all but new Ford Transits. RRRRRRRR!!!!

The new 2020 Transits will have all wheel drive, but they are going to be out of my price range. And new ones aren’t converted. So that’s not an option.

This is getting tough.

Am I Looking For A Unicorn? (I LOVE Unicorns!)

I pretty much am. What I think will happen is that I will find a van I am CRAZY about, but it won’t be able to pull the trailer.

I’ll go ahead and bite the bullet and get it anyway. Then I will be going full-on #vanlife and either store the trailer or sell it. Because to find exactly what I want that can pull my trailer is going to be ridiculously difficult.

I don’t want to do the build-out myself, because:

1. I am not very good at DIY, and

2. Doing it on the road does not sound appealing.

So that’s my plan at the moment. I am excited about it, but I am frustrated that I am not having much luck so far looking for my new mobile-trailer-pulling-4wd-office.

I’ll have to say goodbye to the much-more-badass-truck-than-me:

Photo also by Matt Knight. He helped me with my lithium battery installation. The guy is wildly smart. Follow him and his non-wife’s explorations of visiting every National Park here:

I Have Already Lived In A Van, Anyway

I did live in a van once. Right after I got married. For about a month. How’s this for #vanlife?

Wait, why were we so #overclothed??? 😂 #Vanlife 

So this won’t be new territory for me.

Wish me luck, and if you come across something that seems perfect for me, PLEASE let me know!  You can email me the deets at Kelly@CampAddict dot com.

Thanks, guys. Big changes are ahead for this little nomad!




20 thoughts on “Now I Can REALLY Make Fun of #Vanlife!

  1. Heheh, there’s always a ‘Give n Take’… on configs… good luck with it… hopefully you’ll be ‘Outfitting’ both or running back and forth for kitchen/misc things from Van to Trailer…. Don’t really matter, you’re having fun creating it all.. good luck, good to see you posting again..


    1. Ps. Are we ever going to hear about the med thing you weren’t allow to ‘Talk about”.. I’m just curious as why you couldn’t if you chose…never heard something like that. Not looking for details on the operation IF? that what it was, just why you couldn’t say it…
      Wandering Minds Wanna Know eh?? heheh

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      1. Great question- Yeah, I plan on doing that one as well. Just haven’t gotten to it yet. I got lazy about updating and then I got SUPER busy with Camp Addict this summer. So, it is on the way!

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    2. Hey Frank!! Yeah, they will both be outfitted. So it will be fun/funny to see how this goes. I mean, I won’t need EVERYTHING in the van, not at first, I guess… but I’m gonna have to downsize AGAIN if I decide to let the trailer go! Shouldn’t be too hard. The extra stuff I have in here is stuff I rarely touch anyway, I just keep because I DO have the room. Great to have you comment again! -K

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      1. OR???……
        A bus… do a School bus conversion… They’re strong, have more than enough room and capacity.
        There are some really neat one, minibuses.. too..
        Just a thought to confuse the matter more.. LOL..
        Good luck, standing by to see what you end up with….

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      2. Never driven one, but I think most of them won’t fit into the category of fitting into any regular parking space. Not sure tho. I’ve seen some really cool ones!


  2. My “charmingly ugly” NV is wildly offended. 😂

    You could buy a used one and convert it to 4×4. And if I can convert a van into the layout I want, you can too. It would check all your boxes and be within your budget.

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    1. Yeah. I almost mentioned you around the Nissan dealio. 😂 I know I could do it, I just don’t want to do my own. But I’m the end I may be forced to go that route or just not pull the trailer. The latter would open up so many more fan options for me.


      1. Two years ago I bought a 2002 roadtrek from a woman in Trago, Wisconsin. It has the Dodge 3500 chassis and is fully kitted it out with black and gray tanks, propane, generator, air conditioner, bathroom, stove, fridge, etc. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I take it down to the Keys in the winter and go between Wisconsin and Virginia in the summer. This weekend I’m heading to the Blue Ridge Mountains as campsites are starting to close up for the winter in the next few weeks. Good luck going forward.

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      2. Sounds great! Yeah, get out there before the winter hits. 😁 Is do something like a Roadtrek but like the space of a transit more. Still hoping to find the right one!


  3. Thoroughly enjoyed learning of this potential new phase – always told with your wry sense of humor. The sexual possibilities of vans was an eye opener for me LOL. GREAT to know you’re still loving the life, and all the best going forward!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol!!!! Oh, the “sexy” part is just about those Instagram accounts who use it to get a ton of followers. Yes still living the life! Good to hear from you chica! Hope you’re still loving life down there on Florida!!!💕


  4. It’s nice to see you posting again. I’ve always found your sense of humor amusing.
    A friend of mine went thru a similar experience, years ago, searching for a 4wd van.

    I know he eventually went with a conversion kit. Not sure who he went with -he had other work done on it too- but I think it was a GM van. I did some searching, there’s a lot of such custom places here in Colorado, and I’m pretty sure he had a guy in Boulder do the work. I think it may have been a company called Colorado Camper van. I tried their website, but it hung my browser. Maybe that’s an omen. :\

    Anyway, I remember he needed to install a lift kit to make it happen, and when all said and done, while he liked the work they did, he didn’t like the ride height. FWIW. Something you can check out with your macho-monster truck this winter if you’re in the neighborhood.

    ps: The IG pic wondering whether they had sex yet? It’s obvious. They hadn’t. He’s still paying attention to her. 🙂

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    1. Lol!!! True about the photo. 😂😂😂 Thank you for the info… I’m still hoping I will run across my dream van like tomorrow. Would love to not have to do any aftermarket work on it. But if that’s what it takes, I’ll do it. I don’t think I need a lift but I definitely need 4 x 4. It’s the one thing I’m still not bending on. Thanks for keeping up with me! 😁


  5. I’m looking for the same thing! I’ve been looking at Ford transit vans. I can’t understand why 4 wheel drive is not a common option in vans like it is with trucks! I own two vehicles, both with 4 wheel drive because I live in the mountains of Colorado. I have a trailer, but I have to winterize it by mid September and then can’t use it again until June. If I had a camper van, I’d go camping all year round. Just like you, it has to fit in a normal parking space. Check out I love how they look, but none have a true bathroom, but maybe they could do one. I read an article about camping vans in Europe. They are very easy to come by in Europe. The makers stated they didn’t think there would be a market in the U.S! Are you kidding me! They are dead wrong in my opinion!


    1. Yeah it’s too bad they’re hard to find. Because I’m seriously having a hard time finding anything at all that would work! The Ford transit 2020 is coming out with all wheel drive, but that’s a brand new vehicle which I don’t want to buy. Plus I wanted It to already be built out some work. Good luck looking!


  6. I agree with your concerns about a new model. But AWD coupled with the 3.5 twin turbo is a sexy combination. Ok maybe not #vanlife sexy, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of van envy to go around. Interested in reading about your shopping experiences.

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    1. Heck, if I could even find just one van to look at I’d be happy! 😂 Only looked at one. Used cargo Transit, no conversion done on it. It’s been what, three months since I decided I wanted to get a van? 😭


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