Proof Halloween Should ALWAYS Be Spent With Friends In VEGAAAS!

I’ll get to Vegas in a minute.

First- Do you do this?

I think I may start a series called ‘Does Anyone Else?’ or something to that effect. I’ve realized lately that I do a lot of weird little things. And I wonder if I am the ONLY person out there that does.

Is my habit weird?

Ok, so I randomly eat the inside of my mouth. I chew a bit of skin off, then stick it between my teeth, push down and it sticks a little. Makes a ‘popping’ sound when I pull apart. It’s satisfying.

It’s a habit. Am I the only one?

Sound off in the comments if you feel like it.

Where Am I?

Anyway, I am in Florida.

See? Here I am at the beach, lol.

At the beach. Hey, if #Vanlifers can do it, so can I
How weird does THIS look? When’s the last time you saw me in any kind of RV park/campground? Pretty much never.

Why? I came as my mom’s health was in question and she has been very stressed from a lawsuit and now having to sell her new home because of it.

Turns out, “he who has more money WINS” when it comes to lawsuits. That’s all. End of story. I’m blown away by this. It’s infuriating. That’s our ‘justice’ system.

My mom was sued by a millionaire. She’s not one. You do the math. They didn’t ‘win’ because they were right. They won because mom had to quit and submit because they were gonna run her out of money.

That was their plan. And she’d already spent FORTY TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on her lawyer. 🙄

Anyway, that’s another story.

I’m here at the perfect time though. Can’t travel anyway right now. And this IS my state of domicile.

Halloween (And My Birthday) In VEGAS, BABY!

Where have I been? Lots of places. Some favorites have been Xscapers convergences. ESPECIALLY Halloween in Las Vegas.

Holy CRAP we had fun! Check it:

At first it was tame.

For like 5 minutes.

I. Friggin. Love. These. People. This is the one tame Vegas photo.

Then, well, Vegas Time started almost immediately.

IMG_1800 2
It Starts…

And we had to hit Fremont, as we were parked about 4 blocks down from it. AMAZING!


Naturally(?), I had to have a dance-fight-off with Hannah.

So much going on here…But how’s my form?
Kerensa fully enjoyed this
Not even sure what we were doing by this point. Totally sober. Toooooootally sober. (right)

Oh yeah, an hour later I ended up in this position. (Still Fremont St)

Glad I can still bend like that.

Next night I decided it would be fun to walk down Fremont like this on our Tiki theme outing. Unfortunately, hardly anyone noticed. (Dammit)

Yes. Yes I did.

THEN it was my birthday! I had one of the biggest, best Bday parties in my entire life thanks to these wonderful people. 😍 (And more not pictured. We had a big room reserved for our group, there were so many of us.)

Oh, and earlier in the day the Xscapers club got me a cake! That was so sweet of them.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Then a few of us went to Frankie’s after that.


Halloween In Vegas!

Then, of course, it was Halloween! HALLOWEEN ON FREMONT WAS THE BOMB. Heck, I think every Halloween should be spent in Vegas from now on.

I had to pull out my fabulous glittery unicorn costume again, of course.

Everyone went ALL OUT with their costumes! And we live in RVs. But damn, we love to dress up!


Don’t worry. Santa approved. 😂

That night I drew the rest of this guy’s ‘tattoo’ on his arms above the fake sleeve. They were SUPER impressed at how I did. Maybe I missed my calling.



I don’t have a ton of photos because I took mostly videos, boo.

Wow, I miss those peoplllllllle!!! I am in isolation in Florida, none of my full-time friends are even remotely near.

I know we all hope there will be a vaccine soon so we can be together again without fear of getting sick.

Best Friends Animal Society

I finally went to the famous Best Friend’s Animal Society in Kanab, Utah. I needed some down time after a year of LOTS of convergences and big group gatherings. So I went alone.

A rare site- me parked all alone.

No friends/caravans. BUT, my friends Ching and Jerud were parked just a 1/4 mile from me so I did see Ching a few times.

Then we parked together a little later in November and they had never hit the Fremont Strip, so…


Now, Best Friends, if you don’t know about it, is a famous HUGE, unbelievable animal rescue. Everything about it is spectacular.

Oh, just the view of the sanctuary from their little lunch eatery. 

Its location, its funding, the grounds, it’s one of a kind. They even had a reality TV show for a while.

Had some funny stories I did on Instagram about it. The ‘highlight’ was the cat that jumped on my lap to take a piss. I kid you not.

Threw my pants outside once I got home after I took them off. So. Nasty.


I volunteered with the dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits. Highly recommend that you go at least once.

It’s a volunteering vacation destination experience. It’s not too far from Zion NP, too, and Bryce Canyon among other gorgeous places. So THERE’S a huge bonus.

That’s it. Gonna make this one fairly short.

Also just realized my black tank is almost full apparently, cause it’s leaking. 😬

Nice. 🤮

This is a new problem I’m having. Time to dump. RVer problems.

Catch you later!


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        1. Yes, I do the mouth thing on occasion. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!
        2. Sorry to hear about your Mom. At some point, something good will come out of this, it usually does.
        3. You haven’t mentioned it recently (that I’ve seen), but if you’re still considering a 4X4 van, I would take a look at UJoint Offroad in North Carolina. They can do a proper conversion on any Ford van, motorhome, ambulance, etc. The project may be within your budget.
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