What’s Rv Chickadee’s deal??

Helloooooo! My name is Kelly Beasley. I am the co-founder of the all-in-one guide and review website CampAddict.com.

How Do You Make Money, Living In An RV?

Well, when I started, I was a writer for VIE Magazine, and I worked part-time for their parent company, The Idea Boutique.

Next, I worked for Appen as a social media consultant. I also had a rental in Florida that gave me a pretty darn good chunk of income. (Sold it Feb 2018)

My new venture started when I met my now business partner, Marshall Wendler in January of 2016.

He knew so much that I didn’t about everything RVing, and we saw a need for a site where people could get all of their answers about RV products they are using or need.

I had the design, writing, and research, and social skills. Marshall had the website creation and back-end knowledge.

More importantly, he had the RV technical knowledge for us to help teach others what they couldn’t find or learn elsewhere find on the internet.

We quit our online jobs mid-year in 2016 to work full time on the new website.

In essence, I created my own income by creating and designing an educational affiliate website. Camp Addict.

It supports me and my business partner full-time now.

Why Live In An RV?

I’m a single, animal loving girl in her 40’s. I am mostly from Northwest Florida. Why did I leave for the freedom of living in an RV?

I got VERY tired of Florida, for one. Why? Well, the mosquitos, heat, humidity, cold, lack of seasons, fire ants, mold, hurricanes, jellyfish, no mountains, not even hills, yellow flies (pic below), endless pine trees, unspectacular fall color, no snow to look at, rednecks, sunburns, flooding (my backyard, below), poison ivy, hornets, rain, and most of all, the ROACHES. Geez, you probably wonder why I left the sunshine state. 😂 Let’s not forget skin cancer.


I knew I wanted to live elsewhere. But, where?

I wanted to live (very) far away from the southeast. But traditional moving is a big commitment.

Not to mention it’s very expensive to pack up all of your stuff, only to move to a new, unknown city and move in, only to find you may not like it. Or worse, cannot find a job.

Being an adventurous spirit and having always been a frugal gal and good with my money, the idea of living in an RV sounded SPLENDID to me.Kelly with Falcon

Why not??? I had done all of the other traditional stuff… have bought three houses, had the boyfriend, been married, got the dog, fenced yard, the job, etc.

And I was left unfulfilled. I was happiest when I traveled.

Hell, my mom sold her very nice house about 20 years ago and has lived in her RV ever since.

It’s cheap, I could literally live for free on public land out west, and I could live wherever I felt like living.

What’s not to like? I could move anytime, and see the country for just the cost of gas. I haven’t met a full-time RVer yet who said: “I need a vacation”. 😂

This idea originated in November of 2014, and by May of 2015, I was a legit nomad on the road to everywhere. I have whole heartedly embraced this lifestyle ever since.

Learning and Embracing Minimalism

Being a ‘minimalist’ pretty much comes with the territory of RV life. You have no choice, really because you have very little space.

However, I like to push the envelope. Because of how I live, I notice way more how much of a ‘footprint’ I do or don’t leave.

Utilities- I have to gather my ‘utilities’ and keep track of them and manage them (water, gas, propane, solar) because I boondock exclusively.

I don’t stay in RV parks where these things are provided for me, for a price. Me? I find them myself and I get to live for free.

The cost is that I have to do a little research to find these things, and oh, I have to suffer by having some of the greatest views for a backyard in the country.

For free. Woe is me. (HA!)

Storage of utilities
I keep my water bags in the black container, generator is the blue and there’s a gas tank in there somewhere, (I used to have two. Now only one) while solar panels are out, being used.

Trash- I don’t have a dumpster right up the street. I have to store my trash until I get into town.

Seeing it for longer makes me more aware of it and of how wasteful our society is. I do my best to use as little toilet paper and paper towels as I can.

I try not to buy food that has excessive packaging. I try to recycle when I can.

Stuff- Getting rid of things has become almost a game to me now.

It’s like my own personal challenge to see how much I can live without and how much I actually DO need. I keep downsizing, again and again.


I own maybe 30% of what I started out with. I’m still pitching and selling and giving away. Much of my storage space in my rig is empty now. I didn’t need all of that stuff. I am happier without it. It doesn’t rule my life anymore.

What do I miss that I have pitched? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Rig- I also sort of want to get a smaller travel trailer.

It will be more gas efficient to pull since it will be lighter and it will allow me to get to stealthier boondocking locations than I can currently make it to because it will be lighter and shorter than my current 24′ TT.

I am also dying to have a Toyota Tacoma. For now, I  have a Ford Raptor. Its got its pros and cons.

Simplicity- I like the idea of having very little that can break, or having mostly stuff I can fix.

This means less maintenance and fixing of the stuff I have. I do have a comfort minimum though. I tried out the bucket method, and it only lasted three days. I’ll keep a toilet, thank you!

The Girls with crazy car

My Travel Buddies, Gizmo and Trixie

I live with two Chi type dogs that follow me around, one being quart sized (Trixie) and one being pint-sized (Gizmo, the Chihuahua).

These dogs live better than they ever did. Now they have the freedom of being off leash and having new places to smell all the time.

YES- I watch them like a  hawk when we are out on a walk and when around the campsite, they are always within eyeshot.

Gizmo could be carried off by a sparrow. She’s 2.4 lbs, y’all. She’s smaller in person than you can tell in photos.

Finding RV Friends

I am surprised to find so many others around my age who live this nomadic lifestyle, and I like pretty much everyone I have met.

I have a great community of new friends including like-minded Gen- Xers, and Millenials with some Boomers in there as well.


I thought it would be all boomers, but happily, I have found peeps my age and even way younger and way older who are very cool.

You can meet people through Instagram. I couldn’t believe it when I heard this, but it’s true. Using travel-related hashtags, you can find others who are full-timing.

Chat here and there with them, and if you find yourself near them, you can plan to meet up. Facebook is another place you could find people like yourself.

Mostly though, I have found SO many friends through Xscapers. I am an ‘almost’ original member, and it has grown by leaps and bounds since 2015!

Is Full-Time RVing As A Solo Lonely?

RV life is not lonely if you are willing to be social.

In fact, these days there are times when I need a break from socializing!

This happens mostly in the winter months when most full-time RVers are in southern Arizona and California to escape the winter cold and snow.

I am always parked with friends. Other times I am visiting old friends or family. We are nomads and we are fairly rare so we bond easily. Birds of a feather…

RvChickadee Is Gonna Be In An RVing Documentary?

Oh, you heard this crazy rumor?🙄

Well, believe it or not, yes!😁

Open Road Nomad Kelly Beasley

It’s called, well, RV Nomads.

You can watch it HERE.

I’m super excited to have been picked to help to show the world what this nomadic lifestyle is really all about.

It’s sort of like a new American dream that thousands and thousands of Americans are starting to embrace. It’s really an honor to be a part of it and I can’t wait to see the end result.

It will premiere in October of 2018. We will also have a premiere event release in Wellington, Texas in October called NomadFest.

The public is invited, and yes, I will be there along with most or all of the other cast members.


Life is what you make of it. I made this life happen through decisions and by taking action. And I love it.

Thanks for following along with my little stories! It’s no fun to just keep it all to myself.

57 thoughts on “What’s Rv Chickadee’s deal??

  1. Very well written Kelly. I will love living vicariously through your courageous, adventuring, self. Will love keeping up with you via your blog. I love you. Felicia


  2. Kelly
    Reality set in tonight that u
    r leaving. I began an exercise
    Routine when we hooked up.
    Pilates was the beginning and I
    graduated to training with you.
    You always kick my butt. I did
    Dead Lifts for an hour with you.
    My muscle still hurt. Remember
    Don’t worry, I’ll keep u laughing with funny e-mails during your
    Exciting. Journey.
    Love Ya
    I”lmiss u.
    Muscle Meathead💪


    1. Nelson!!!!! That deadlift sesh was the BEST! Your form was ‘dead’ on and I got a kick out of it!!! This is just a new beginning, we will def stay in touch, just you may have to find a new butt kicker when you’re at Watercolor. : /
      Love ya, Nelson!!! You have been molded into a meat machine, I must say.


  3. Kelly Beeeesley!
    I am catching up on FB and read about you embarking on this great adventure…all I can say is WOW, you are brave and courageous for sure, but more that that you are true to yourself. I am happy for you, sounds like an amazing chapter in your life and one you won’t regret. When we moved to Idaho, we took almost 4 days to drive across America…through 13 sates…the beauty will leave you gasping for air! Enjoy every minute of it. The different landscapes, the people, the VAST, VAST lands and the sense of gratefulness that envelops you . Look forward to following your travels via your blog, tell me when you in WA (would love to see you) and take care roomie.

    Much love,


    1. Shereenie!!! Thank you for the comforting words roomie! I so can’t wait to see what you have seen and I’m definitely getting up there to Washington it’s one of my top destinations. So we’re going to have a reunion girl! It may not be this year but possibly next year, it all just depends on where the roads take me. I can’t wait to see you again! And Paul and David too. I’ll keep you apprised on all I’m doing!!!
      Thanks again Shereenie-Beenie-weeny!!!


  4. Kelly
    I sent u an e-Mai but it won’t
    go. It’s awaiting moderation.
    I have no idea what that means.


      1. V8 Tacoma is fine.
        love following your adventures.
        Heidi and I will be on the road soon 🙂


  5. Hi, Kelly, I found your blog … somehow!… probably through a link on someone else’s. I’m also single, in my 40s, own 2 dogs, live in Florida, and am currently in the process of clearing out my stuff so I can sell my house, buy an RV and travel the country with the dogs. You mentioned on one of your posts (I’ve been reading through all the ones tagged full-timer!) that you regretted your travel trailer purchase. Can you maybe elaborate on that? I haven’t decided what to buy yet. I know solar would be a good idea, but like you, I’m going to start slow and only get into boondocking after I’ve figured out all the other challenges of RV’ing. I’ve added you to my RSS reader so I’m looking forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sarah, sure I’m happy to elaborate about my travel trailer purchase. I chose it more for the aesthetics of the interior than the functionality. My trailer has the U-shaped booth all the way at one end, a long kitchen in the middle, and a bed at the other end. For a single person, a U-shaped booth is worthless, in my opinion. I took out the table thinking I could use the bench but is not comfortable. I now realize it would be nice to be able to have company come over but there’s nowhere here for them to hang out comfortably. There’s nowhere here for ME to hang out comfortably! The bathroom is too small, making the bed is the biggest chore ever, and I wish I had some drawers. I have good counterspace though and I do like the big window at the end. Those are my biggest beefs. You’re D oing the right thing by taking it slow, starting im campgrounds, etc. You can’t learn it all right away and besides, the best learning comes from experience! Good luck on your journey and thank you for reading!


      1. Thanks so much for your quick response! I was thinking the U-shaped dinette would be nice, too — mostly because my dogs like to sit next to me and it looks bigger than the smaller ones. Good to know that you haven’t found it worthwhile! The benches don’t look very comfortable, I must admit. I’ll start looking at more of the armchair plans. And avoid tiny bathrooms!


  6. Sarah- actually wish I had a dinette. Just not the U-shaped booth. Essentially, I have nowhere to do office work, set my computer down and work on it, or eat! It’s just that they were things I figured I could live with, but after living with them for a while or without them, now I better know what I want and don’t want. Good luck in your search and your upcoming new life!


  7. Hi There!!! 🙂

    Just found you on IG, looking forward to catching up on your travel and hope to also be out there soon. I’m 45 and want to travel and live my life now.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Northern CA

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tina! Thank you for reading my stories! I hope they help you a little as far as what to expect. Do you have a plan? (Like a date you want to be on the road by?) I’m excited for you!!! -Kel


      1. Hi Kel,

        Thanks, I’m hoping to be out on the road by early next year, April. I still have the house full of crap that needs to go. I’m thinking of starting with a van and see how that goes. You have been to some amazing places.


        Liked by 1 person

  8. Thanks for linking to me in your list of blogging badassery, Kelly. I have done the same for you at OwnLessDoMore.us, and I look forward to keeping up with your adventures and mishaps. Hope you enjoy ours too! We’ve got lots.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Like I commented, I like your writing style! It’s sharp and to the point- no fluff! Fluff sucks. 🙂

      Thank you for the link back! I am moving back into my RV house tomorrow!! Been off the road for around 2 months for reasons beyond my control. CAN’T WAIT!

      Keep on trucking, and keep on sharing…

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi Kelly, I Like your blog. Just found it recently. I am in the process right now of getting rid of stuff and looking for an RV. I am pretty much set on a small class c. I lived in a 20 ft. winnebago in the mid 90’s, for 2 years but ended up dealing with having cancer twice so went back to apt. living . I am 62 and am cancer free and feel healthy and ready to go. Not fully retired. Still hope to make some money on the road , here and there or online. I love reading about your mis- haps and discoveries. Have not started my blog yet but will shortly. Cant wait to get back out there and hoping to have found an RV and be ready to hit the road by early summer.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hope you’re on the road again finally and having fun. 61 here and chomping at the bit to get on the road. Also dealt with the big C which radically changed my plans for life. But its all good now and I’m prepping for the move. Pam @southernfriedjourney 😎✌

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment and for being so kind! Good job knocking out the cancer!! Now you’re free to go do what you want to do in life and on the road, I hope. You can make money on the road and/or online. I have only done it online- before I launched and then on the road I got a job with Appen. I am now working on developing a website with a business partner whom I met on the road. You never know where life is gonna take you! I NEVER dreamt I would be in website development. Oh, the road is SUCH a joy!! I look forward to hearing about your ‘launch’. And I hope you do start a blog, if not just for yourself to document your journey. It’s not common to hear about single chicks doing it on their own. (I’m assuming you are solo?) GO FOR IT, and zing up your life! I’ll keep tripping and fumbling for your enteratinment. 🙂 I hope we meet on the road someday!


    1. Just me. Had 3 cats and a dog up until recently. Might have started this earlier but they were all elderly with health problems so decided to wait . I Love people and am outgoing and meet people easily but in a lot of ways I am also a loner. Do a lot of stuff by myself and have traveled a lot by myself. Like being by myself a lot too. When I traveled 20 years ago for a couple years in an RV it was as a single woman and looks like it will be again. No problem. I will be watching your blog and let you know soon as I start mine. Maybe meet up one day.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Susan-
    I think I would be too lonely without a dog or two with me, living this way. Good for you for putting your pets first! I like you already. : )

    I feel OK being by myself as well. However, I definitely need human interaction. Used to think I was a major loner but now I realize I do crave companionship in one way or another. I’ve met a lot of great people on the road but they do come and go. So having a traveling partner has been nice. Can’t wait to see you start up again and definitely hope we meet one day. Be sure to let me know about your blog. Thanks and happy travels!

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  12. I’ve followed you for a little bit…. I just thought I’d finally touch base with you. I’m a 58 yo mother of two grown daughters and nothing in life is tying me down much at this point in my life. I’ve acquired a 20’ toy-hauler with the intent of creating an art studio in it.

    I’m quite the introvert so I totally identify with one of your recent articles! In fact I plan on attending the Q event…. I will be camping near the CheapRV group and take in some workshops.

    I also have my little furbabies!! A 4 lb Pom-chi, an 8 lb chi-terrier/terror, a 15 lb Westie-poo, and possibly a 50 lb pit!! I’m hoping to leave the big girl at home!!!

    This will be my maiden voyage so I’m a little nervous…. but pretty empowered!

    I’d say “hope to see you”, but I know there’s going to be too many people that will look like everybody else so I won’t hold my breath!!!

    Have a great time & I’ll try to do the same!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Lauri- thanks for following along! It’s been quite a journey, and I’ve lived every bit of it. 😁 4 furbabies! I’d have all the dogs if it was somehow workable. So my maiden voyage into boondocking was Quartzsite as well. I did NOT have a group to meet up with, however. That definitely made for a lonely visit. Then I was introduced to Xscapers while I was there which was great, having already been an Escapee. So it’s good that you’re meeting up with a group. You may or may not feel a bond with whatever group you start with, so if you don’t, don’t fret. There are so many different categories of groups that meet down there you’re bound to find your people. Just go for it. Life is short. It’s your own little movie to create. Just do it. Sounds like you are he will be so congratulations! Yes I’d love to meet you, and yes it’s going to be busier than ever this year, making it even more difficult to connect, which is a big reason I wrote that post. Thankfully, it is on this organization’s radar, the issue of newbies sometimes feeling left out, which is great. They are taking steps to help remedy the issue.

      Go for it, Lauri! There will be a learning curve, but you can do it.😁

      And if you do see me, definitely come and say hi!! ❤️👏🏻

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  13. Hi Kelly,

    Thank you SO much for sharing your adventures and warnings! You have been an inspiration to me. 🙂

    I’m 59 and just 6 weeks away from beginning yet another life journey to live full-time in a 26′ Lazy Daze that I’m picking up on Saturday!

    I’ll be leaving Los Angeles (YES!!) to boondock my way to Washington state along with my cattle dog beginning April 15th. I’d love to find community and will check out Escapees this week.

    I hope our paths cross at some point. It would be so awesome to meet you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe, thanks, Lesley! Wow, you are about to embark on an amazing journey!!! Escapees is awesome. Go to the convergences, you will meet a ton of people. If you go to the Xscapers stuff, you are likely to meet me! Yes, maybe we will cross paths. Enjoy the ride!!!!!!! Thanks for commenting. 😁-Kelly


  14. Enjoying your blog. I have a question about your trip from Montana to AZ in the winter. I’m going to do that late December, 1st time any time of year. I have to ask, you camped in the trailer on the way down, staying at a Flying J in ID then Utah. Didn’t you have to keep you trailer winterized until you got to a milder climate? Hence, no plumbing. I plan to un-winterize the lines as soon as its above freezing. I figured I’d have to stay at a hotel for a nite or two. Your thoiughts? Love you doggies. I have two little ones too and totally agree about the morons who let theirs run around violating peoples campgrounds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi two dog fox,
      Thanks for your comment and for following! To be honest, I don’t remember what I did. Vaguely seem to remember thinking “oh crap, it’s below freezing while I’m driving, will the lines freeze“? They did not, and I probably used my furnace at night. I’m thinking the daytime temperatures were at least close to or above freezing during the day? Can’t recall. But I don’t see why you couldn’t use your furnace while driving. Just it would be such a pain to winterize just to travel down south. Obviously don’t do it with your water tank full. Empty it, for sure. Your hot water heater, too. As far as night time, I have a buddy heater that I use and leave on all night. My tanks and lines are situated where they are inside the rig. (I can see them inside cabinets and all. I can open the cabinets and such to allow warm air to reach them. I don’t worry too much about my lines freezing anymore. I hope that helps!


    2. Hi Kelly! Your newest email came RIGHT ON TIME! I’ve been fulltiming it for just over 5 months now and LOVING it! But today was my first BRRRRR, COLDEST morning! and I was in need of advice for a small heater for my 27′ Lazy Daze… and you came through like an answer from heaven! I’ll get a Buddy heater tomorrow and follow your advice for refilling the propane tanks. I love following your adventures on IG. You were one of my inspirations and here I am boondocking the west coast! Please keep an eye out for me and my Red Heeler, Ellie. We’re at @LesKushner on IG. Thanks so much for letting us tag along with you on your adventures! You always make me smile!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awe that is so sweet! Nice to hear I may have egged you on into this lifestyle!!! You have a good brand of Rv there. I was literally just thinking that if I go the motorhome route for my next Rig, it might be a lazy daze. Or a born free. Yeah I love my buddy heater! It’s so comfortable and it’s quiet, and like a furnace, and does not drain your batteries. I will keep an eye out for you, and if you get close to where I am, let’s get together! Hope to meet you soon!


  15. Just read your article re. Quartzite. That’s exactly how I pictured it and why I most likely won’t ever go. I am an introvert and don’t make friends easily. Nor do I care to be around a lot of people. Have you gone back since then?
    I also travel with my dogs and the thought of a lot of dust rocks and dirt doesn’t excite me. Many places to Boondock besides there. Not sure what the attraction is. Anyway, so glad I found your blog and will look for you on Instagram.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I’m glad you found me, Linda! I’ve been to Quartzsite three times, only to meet up with friends at the Xscapers convergences. I wouldn’t be there for any other reason but to meet up with friends. I am definitely a mountain girl! Unfortunately most of us are pushed down into southern Arizona and Southern California for the winter months. Cold isn’t very friendly to RVs. I won’t be in Quartzsite this year, I’ll be in Lake Havasu. Thank God they moved the convergence to there!


  16. Ive been full-time RV, Its getting cold and rainy here in the Gorge, I wanna get the – out of here. I do not know any others… Where should I go?


      1. Sorry, I was eating and typing at the same time. Please let me clarify: Both – I do not know any nomads and not sure where to go – but it to be warm! I am in the Columbia River Gorge (on the WA side). I started full-time RVing about two years ago, been in 3 places on monthly. I would really like to travel since I can work anywhere with a phone connection. It would be super to meet people doing the same thing.


      2. Well, you can try Xscaper’s. That’s mostly how I met new people. Xscapers convergences are a great start! As far as Winter goes, your only warm and easy options for finding spots with service are Southern California and Arizona for boondocking. I use Campendium to find spots mostly. It’s a big country!


  17. I just wanted to say thanks. You’re pretty dam smart. You didn’t piss me off, you made me look for my reasons for being lonely. A portable hot tub might work too.

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  18. Hello Kelly. 2/11/2022

    While working out some very strange quirks in our website [long crazy story] I came across lewisandholland rv chickadee when googling our domain names. After website was cleared up I took the opportunity to go back to where I found you while googling.

    So happy to hear that you are enjoying the free lifestyle that Mark and I enjoyed for over 30 years. To be “at home” where ever you are is priceless. We also made our living while in our RV’s [We had various RV changes over those 30 years and finally figure out the set-up most suitable for what we do] Bird and Floral sculptures.

    Anyway, I wanted to write and say that in your blog of March 7, 2016 you had photographed and chatted with my husband, Mark Holland, in the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. You also made some very nice, and true, comments about him. The photo captured him in his element–being present and paying attention to your natural surroundings. I was doing the same in the Hummingbird Enclosure.

    Imagine my surprise when scrolling through your blog to come upon the most wonderful photo of Mark among the cactus in watch and wait mode. Took my breath away Kelly. I hope you do not mind that I have saved the photograph for my collection.

    It is with a fractured heart that I tell you that on October 28, 2021 at 10:28 AM PST Mark’s Spirit left his body–my love and life-partner has passed. Mark was 92. He was 87 at the time of your meeting.

    Thank you for making my day, yesterday, a surprisingly brighter day. I know he is where he needs to be, and I struggle everyday with his absence. But my enthusiasm and joy of our natural world has always been a joy and passion and, naturally, brings me closer to Mark.

    You do not have to post this–I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful photograph and memories of one of our favorite stops when visiting my brother in Tucson.

    Take care, keep well and safe,

    Cindy Lewis



    1. WOW!!!! Hi Cindy- What a treat to get this comment!

      But I’m also so sad to hear about Mark’s passing. It would have been fun to meet him again. He gave me your business card and I kept it for YEARS.

      I do believe I recently pitched it but having had it for so long when I started reading your comment about doing bird and floral sculptures, I immediately thought of him!

      Then to go on and read that you’re his wife… that’s crazy! But now I also see/understand that I linked your website and that’s how you found me. Still, very cool, and I’m happy to hear you had the experience of running into that photo you didn’t know existed.

      The internet is an amazing place.

      Funny enough, I now own a home about 20 minutes away from the Desert Museum. I’m no longer full-time, just part-time now. It was a great 5.5 years of full-time boondocking life!

      Hugs to you, Cindy. Thank you for telling this story. I’m happy for you to have the photo. : )


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